Jay-Z to Perform with Bruce Springsteen at Obama Rally

Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen

Rap and rock royalty are joining forces for the president. On the eve of the presidential election, Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen will perform together during a rally for Barack Obama.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the music icons will hit the stage for a duet at Obama’s re-election rally in Columbus, Ohio, on Monday.

Jay-Z has been a proponent of the commander-in-chief, hosting a fundraiser in his honor at his 40/40 club in New York.

“What he represented to a nation of kids was hope,” Jay said of the POTUS, while Obama praised the hip-hop mogul. “He got ahead because he worked hard, learned from his mistakes, and just plain refused to quit,” he said.

Obama is the clear favorite in the Carter household. Beyoncé has also shown her support for the president, performing at the inaugural ball and teaming with First Lady Michelle Obama on her campaign to curb childhood obesity.

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  1. iller

    king HOV


  2. Reyna

    If you want a concert, go to Obama Rally. If you want real change, Vote for Romney!!!!


    Issa Reply:

    @Reyna, Is that you, Stacey Dash?


    jayphresh Reply:

    @Reyna, haha right, still wont get you any attention…pressed ass


  3. Drew

    Bruce is a fucking legend. Respect.


  4. quintessentialquality

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  5. flawda

    The only change Romney is gonna give you is the ones in his pockets or the change of opinion he keeps having on his stances on abortion.


  6. Rachel

    Yeah, ladies … vote for Romney. Then you won’t have ANY control over your bodies.


  7. shell



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