Video: Tyrese – ‘Best of Me’ [Starring Eva Marcille]

Tyrese and Eva Marcille

Tyrese sets off sparks with model-reality TV star Eva Marcille in the romantic video for “Best of Me,” the newest single off his 2011 album Open Invitation. The on-screen couple gets intimate in the kitchen, by the fireplace, and on the beach in the black-and-white clip, directed by Matt Alonzo.

The gorgeous Eva poses topless as Tyrese paints a portrait of her. The lovers take a stroll on the sand with a white horse and a charming Tyrese presents his girl with a puppy.

“As holiday season nears it’s time for cuddles, love, and hugs,” said Tyrese. “I had a vision for this video. I wanted to show images of love like you’ve never seen before—two people living in a world where nothing matters but the love they share. Eva Marcille was my best choice. Her grace, natural beauty, and confidence radiates love!”

Eva was grateful for the opportunity. “Working on this masterpiece with Tyrese was amazing,” she said. “He’s truly an artist and I’m honored to have been a part of his vision.”

Watch their love story unfold.

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  1. KELLY

    absolutely beautiful video glad to see tyrese handsome self make a come back!
    follow 4rmrags2riches on INSTAGRAM


  2. tyresebiggestfan



  3. OMG

    is that eva PIGford?
    song’s okay… i love rnb, but this is kinda boring to me.. i can only imagine how it is for people who are not even rnb lovers looooooool

    btw: tyrese did not age a day


    Yo Reply:

    @OMG, she doesn’t go by Pigford anymore.


    edson domingos Reply:

    @OMG, Quit being a hater, the song is great and so is the video.


  4. bibi93

    Good song


  5. Asa

    Is he still a homophobe?


  6. Brittany

    what kind of puppy was Eva holding ? I really want one like that !


  7. ethan

    man ion care wat nobody say tyrese go hard some ma fuckas don’t love when they see it if u like females you will understand this shit go hard


  8. ethan newman

    Man ion care wat nobody say this sit go hard most people don’t know what love is they just young and dumb a person who likes females gone like this shit tyrese ima fan dogg


  9. kwazi gal

    m so damn inlav wit da song, da video is off da hook especially in dat walk @ da beach wit d horse in amazin colour black & white


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