New Music: Game – ‘Holy Water’

Holy Water

Game sprinkles “Holy Water” on the second release in his “Sunday Service” series leading up to his fifth album Jesus Piece on December 11. Although it fits the album’s religious concept, the song will not appear on the final tracklisting.

“Even my shoes are Christians, I’m walking on holy water/ She came out them True Religion jeans and fell straight to her knees like she was dipped in holy water,” raps the Compton messiah over the haunting beat, produced by Sap.

Just last Sunday, Game premiered the remix to his single “Celebration” with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

In addition to Kanye West, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, and Wiz Khalifa, executive producers Cool & Dre have confirmed that J. Cole will also appear on the album.

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  1. Davidjohn

    Whoa !!! Tuerie de fou, enfin game nous sort du lourd !

    This is dope !!!

    I Like!


    300hunna68th Reply:

    @Davidjohn, Speak english mf


  2. freshed

    The album bound to be a masterpiece if he rejected this record from it. 100


  3. Carl

    Dope… Needed a third verse though


  4. Gurjot Sidhu

    When Game has his head on straight, he is easily the best artist in hip-hop today. He is the Tupac/Nas of our generation. This song is dope and I feel like Jesus Piece is going to be the best album this year.


    Yup Reply:

    @Gurjot Sidhu, uhh boost


    THe Masta Reply:

    @Gurjot Sidhu, LMAO!!! This strpper ass fagget ain’t no tupac or nas of our generation you retarded Homo fu*k.


    Issa Reply:

    @Gurjot Sidhu, You TRIED it with that first sentence.


  5. Ice

    I just came from church, but this is guilty pleasure.


  6. anonymous

    only a “little” blasphemous… that’s all #JESUSISTHEONLYMESSIAH


  7. THe Masta

    Gayme is whack and this song is whack.


  8. mus

    blasphemy at its finest


  9. Pereezy YMCMB MMG

    OMG!! This one Is Fire…
    Holy S**t


  10. HarrietTubman

    Game is going straight to hell with gasoline draws on.


  11. pete

    thats what game and 50 cent do they release dope songs for mixtapes then there albums they put traasshh songs this could have been good for the album


  12. Saqure

    i was in game fell off mode but his last album and his song with nipsey bill is paid became my shit and this song kinda hard


  13. bibi93

    Good song


  14. unknown

    This song is okay but game still needs to retire asap.


  15. Drew

    J. Cole to appear on the album? Oh.

    I guess Game didn’t learn anything from Big Sean (24K of Gold) & Wayne (Green Ranger). Destroyed on your own damn song!


    trevor Reply:

    @Drew, lol, good one


  16. letmeloveu

    why its GAME and sometimes THE GAME…annoyin


  17. on3 lov3

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!
    Dope Azz fu**


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