Video: Brandy – ‘Wildest Dreams’


Brandy finds love—and looks damn good doing it——in the video for “Wildest Dreams,” the second single off her sixth album Two Eleven. The R&B diva shows off some new moves as she performs in a warehouse in L.A. with some of her fans in the audience.

The record, produced by Tha Bizness and written by Sean Garrett, was inspired by her boyfriend Ryan Press. “The song is just about me feeling like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe this is really happening,’” she told “He loves me for every personality I have. He loves me for every flaw. He accepts me as who I am and he can see me for who I am.”

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  1. A Realist



    MinajRules2013too Reply:

    @A Realist, Girl, this is a mess! her “FANS” better be happy with this little cheap video, because the way this album FLOPPED for homegirl, she is at Has Been status yet AGAIN! Moesha needs to go sit with Kelly, Monica & Ashanti. Ciara is quite lucky the Queen Minaj will give her a breath of air on November 19, then she’s done again too.


    Me Reply:

    @MinajRules2013too, Girl boo! this song and video is GREAT! It has an older vibe to it instead of all this copy paste POP shit you hear today. #STOPIT5


    TheWigCollector Reply:

    @MinajRules2013too, u sound dumb AF stfup



    This video is great at showcasing her performance skills to people who may not have listened to brandy in a while. might definitely attract some new listeners.

    however brandys team needs to get her booked for more shows and she needs a modeling contract looking this good!! once she starts to cover magazines people will know her name… she needs to brand herself.


    KeepIt100 Reply:

    @TeamQUEENBEE, You hit it on the nail. The reason she didn’t sell more than 66k is her shitty PR and management. She should have performed late night shows…SNL…magazine covers…The View…I mean EVERYTHANG!


    credits Reply:


    i always thought that she should model as well but I am going to assume that she does want a modeling contract because if she did she would of had that already. Her look is so distinctive.


  3. Chris_DasMyName

    Like, How Could She Only Sell 66K. I Don’t Get It.


    Asa Reply:

    @Chris_DasMyName, videos always hang up. Ciara’s video for Sorry got stuck at 2 million and change for days. Despite multiple comments every hour.

    Not even sure if they fixed the view counter during the time, or if they were all lost. Not sure how that works.


  4. have a seat

    I’m a huge brandy fan but this video was terrible…it definetely could of been better…music videos make or break the songs and this broke the song


  5. Trillafood

    I love the video!!! Yess brandy! She looks so happy in this video.


  6. common

    the video is gud…the song is so gud that its grammy should go bigger!!


  7. Biscuits



  8. key

    love her,love the music and defo love the video……going to get the album now…………..ermmm what happpen with monica, no more shows with the last album?


  9. OMG

    LMAO @ “The Realist: 66 K” hahahaha.
    Love the song, video could’ve been better.
    Don’t like the black & white scenes.


  10. @ClothezMinded

    I love me some Brandy and this song but this video was not it! She should have played off the lyrics of the song and made a cute romantic video smh still love the album. So what if it only sold 66k it was a great body of work and she already hella paid!


  11. bibi93

    Very good song!! It reminds me the ’90′s


  12. Hank

    “WW sales: @4everBrandy, Two Eleven 25,000 (93,000 total).”

    Chile … the struggle is real outchea!


  13. Kyle

    LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! I like the fact that it was more of just a performance based video because I think it people don’t realize the fact that she can work a stage. She looks amazing in all the scenes too. “Two Eleven” is a great album, regardless of what it sold. If it sold only 2,000 copies in its first week it wouldn’t affect my judgement of the material on the album.


  14. papi

    She is The Definition of Real Artistry
    lovin the album btw


  15. yep!

    This album is flopping because the album was not that good…i am a Brandy fan…but the album was not solid…

    This is one of the best songs on the album…along with Put It Down and Music…


  16. Kristiopher

    OMG! I hate this video. It’s so trashy to me but I love the song!


  17. Kristiopher

    I got a question for this YEP above. what is a solid album!? let’s be real I think brandys album was great and ima Monica fan. brandys album gave me beyonce kinda but y is it flopping? U can have all the right songs moves & everything else but I think they base things off who u r


  18. James

    Yo, this video isn’t about hyping herself up. Many know this song to be about the love between her and her boyfriend but after seeing this video, listening to the song, and listening to comments from Brandy, I believe the lyrics “never in my wildest dream, did I think someone could care about me” are directed to her fans as well. Brandy loves her fans and I think incorporating the STARs in the video was great. I’ve said it b4 and I’ll say it again, NOOOOBODY has a more intimate relationship with their fans! NOBODY!


  19. D.King

    She looks so GORGEOUS in the video. However, I was expecting something totally different not sure if I like the video I envisioned it so differently I don’t know who came up with the concept but I’m NOT feeling it too much I love the song so much but the video couldve definitely been MUCH MUCH Stronger!! I hate that such an AWESOME song one of my favs on the album yet the video just doesnt give it ANY justice.


  20. Jay

    I love this song so much!!! Cool video too! :)


  21. Me

    GET IT BRAN…It gave me a older vibe. love it. Its not so copy and paste like most artists today.


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