Rihanna and Emeli Sandé
11.5.2012 Uncategorized

Emeli Sandé ‘Loves’ the Song She Wrote for Rihanna

Emeli Sandé has been winning awards and critical acclaim for her debut album Our Version of Events, and now she’s lending her talents to other stars.

The Scottish singer-songwriter has confirmed that she has penned a song for Rihanna’s new album Unapologetic, due November 19.

“It’s on the new album,” she told “Showbiz 411” at the MOBO Awards, where she won Best Album. “I love it, I love the lyrics, and I can’t wait to see what she’s done with it.”

In addition to RiRi, Emeli co-wrote “Not Even the King” with Alicia Keys for her upcoming album Girl on Fire.

  • Jordyn

    Does Rihanna write any or her own music?

    • I Told You Karruche Would Never Be Rihanna

      @Jordyn, I know it will be amazing. Emeli is superb and so is the Queen of Pop: Rihanna.

    • Minajerism

      @Jordyn, she cowrites some songs but most are sent to her by different writers. If she wrote all her own music she would not be able to keep up with herself releasing an album every year.

      • Speak

        @Minajerism, She would be able to. Writing songs doesn’t take that long, and many artists write heavily on their albums. I think maybe that’s just not her strong point.

        • Minajerism

          @Speak, i meant like she wouldn’t be able to keep up with herself since shes not considered a writer. If she was a full on writer then of course she would.

        • Love_lost

          @Speak, No, she definitely wouldn’t be able to keep up. Song writers(artists) need inspiration. It can take a while for creative juices to flow.

      • @antonysheph

        @Minajerism, Mariah Carey done it why can’t she?

      • #BEENTRILL


        F-CK YOU. NO SHE DOESN’T!!!

    • Krystal

      @Jordyn, she co-writes a lot and that’s good enough tbh.

      • Minajerism

        @Krystal, she really doesn’t.

      • Minajerism

        @Krystal, not that its not good enough.

    • zack

      @Jordyn, does any major popstar these days? You don’t know the truth unless you were there when they wrote it.

    • Freedom

      @Zach trueee some artist be adding one line and say they co wrote it so who knows

    • Meme

      @Jordyn, Rihanna is a recording artist, not a fukin song writer. Have you ever thought maybe she doesn’t write becuz she can’t. She has no problem giving her team credit for their hard work ok like others who pretend to write and steal credits, or tries to write I end up with shitty material.

      • Jordyn

        @Meme, bitch don’t get all bent outta shape! All I did was ask did she write any of her own music. You fans kills me taking shit too serious. Log out hoe!

        • Chauncey

          @Jordyn, Don’t be intimidated by ‘Meme.’ It’s a troll who actually refers to Rihanna as ‘God.’ Mentally ill, I think, just like that MinajRules bitch.

      • Jordyn

        @Meme, Girl log out! u fans take stuff too serious. All i did was ask if she writes any of her own music. Awwww ok. TRICK.

  • poe

    can’t wait to hear it!

  • KenBarbUK

    omg i hope its sounds like daddy or maybe by her

    • Kyle

      @KenBarbUK, “Suitcase” is my favorite song by her!

      • S

        @Kyle, My favorite also, along with “Maybe” and “Clown”

        Emeli is an amazing song writer and singer

  • #teaminaj


  • Kyle

    Emeli Sande is the TRUTH. I don’t get why she isn’t successful in the U.S.!? I bought her album the day it came out last June and have had it on repeat since. She’s a strong songwriter too so I’m sure the song she penned for Rihanna will be dope.

  • deelee

    youre gonna be hard pressed to find many EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL artists who write their own music . like does it really matter? listen to the shit and shut up

  • Carlee

    She must be paying these writers well.

    • Mel

      @Carlee, The Dream wrote Umbrella and received 15 million from writing alone so yup lol

  • boom boom

    All those big writers want to hand songs to Rihanna and that’s because they know if they hand it to HER it will be a HUGE hit, haters take notes for your floppy faves.

    And no, she don’t write must of her songs, yet she’s capable of though, check the Rated R credits and see Robyn Fenty all over the place. So don’t be hating on her.

  • me

    beyonce pays the writers off and takes song-writing credit without writing. at least rihanna is honest

    • Asa

      @me, or her daddy would steal songs for her with the co-writer while trying to cut out the actual artist involved in writing the song for themselves.

      *looks at If I Were A Boy*

  • Jordyn

    @meme, bitch don’t get all bent outta shape! All I did was ask did she write any of her own music. You fans kills me taking shit too serious. Log out hoe!

  • bbb

    rihanna doesn’t write much, but i give credit because whenever an album comes out she drips praises to her producers and songwriters and always congratulates as team rather than solo. Most artists dont do that because they like the idea of being the absolute “artist” where at the same time they’re claiming to write songs that they didn’t write…

    i love beyonce but she is who im mainly speaking about ;lol

  • Yasmine

    Emeli is amazing.

  • Taj

    This is an interesting pairing because I don’t view them as similar artists. I can’t wait to hear it though.