Jay-Z Sends Prayers to Hurricane Victims


Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast last week, leaving death and destruction in her path. Like many at this time, Jay-Z is thinking about his fellow Americans who were affected by the storm.

“Reflecting on the first game in Brooklyn and thinking about the hurricane,” wrote the New York rapper in a post on his website Life + Times.

He also shared a photo of the court at the Barclays Center where his team, the Brooklyn Nets, played their first home game on Saturday and won.

“Thinking about being undefeated and all the losses/wins that lie ahead. Life will always throw adversity and tragedy at us. We remain resilient!” he said. “Heartfelt prayers go out to those who lost their lives and to the families who continue the fight.”

His wife Beyoncé also took to her site to share 10 ways to help after the storm, linking to the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, and other organizations who are aiding relief efforts.

Barclays Center

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  1. kris ann

    Dats d shit! Hova d god.


  2. Eric

    How bout u donate sum money don’t just send a prayer this message goes 2 all the fortunate that have it u no who u r


  3. UwishUKnewMe

    Why not money?


    Iller Reply:

    @UwishUKnewMe, First of all.. how do you know they didn’t give money to the red cross and all those other charities? Secondly, money is not always the answer.. Food, shelter and safety needs to be taken care of before anything and you have to remember “money is the root of all evil”.. If given money, they might end up buying something they don’t really need


    Greg Reply:

    @Iller, what planet are you from??


  4. zitro

    Sooo Jay Z tweets that he’s thinking about them while promoting his team. While Bayonce shares links in her Facebook. Thank you Lord for blessing us with these two saints! …. They ain’t shit. Hova da hoe!


  5. truth

    and how is that goin to help??? lol


    Monty Reply:

    @truth, Spoken like a true fool.


  6. Tunechi

    his a Illuminati D*khead He Can’t Pray


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