Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars, & will.i.am Star on ‘The Cleveland Show’

will.i.am, Nicki Minaj, and Kenny West

It’s been long rumored that a secret society controlling pop culture exists and it was finally exposed last night on Fox’s “The Cleveland Show.” Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars, will.i.am, and The Roots’ ?uestlove lent their voices to the season premiere of the animated series.

In the episode, entitled “Menace II Secret Society,” Cleveland discovers the hip-hop Illuminati fronted by Kanye, reprising his role as Kenny West. After growing tired of his antics (“His ego got out of control, and this is coming from rappers,” says will.i.am), his fellow members plot to end his career with some help from Cleveland, who sets him up with his son Cleveland Jr. and his polka band. Will Kenny’s legacy be tarnished or will the plan backfire?

There are also several musical moments from the animated gang and some quotables from Kanye. Catch the full episode below.

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  1. AllAmerykhanBoy

    FIRST ! :)


  2. frrr



  3. bibi93

    Funny ^^


  4. TheIndustryDude

    Ha-Ha! I love the Cleveland Show. Real to the heart comedy. Thats good major artist are getting a shot to bring more lighter side to their image. Everything to series now a days!


  5. Sharp Tongue

    It was pretty good.


  6. RDK

    they did there thing.


  7. zhane

    That doesn’t even look like Nicki Minaj! and the Cleveland show is so wack! Family guy and American Dad are so much funnier! If you want a funny black cartoon watch the Boondocks


    tralyntruth Reply:

    @zhane, Agree The cleveland show seriously needs to get new writers!


  8. Asa

    This episode was awful to be honest. And I don’t mind The Cleveland Show. It’s hit or miss like American Dad for me.


  9. weirdaly

    Sorry. the video does not exist. Any other places that allow us to watch it?


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