Video: Swizz Beatz f/ Chris Brown & Ludacris – ‘Everyday Birthday’

Swizz Beatz, Chris Brown, and Ludacris

It’s a celebration in the wild video for Swizz Beatz’ single “Everday Birthday” featuring Chris Brown and Ludacris. The Taj TPK-directed clip, which was inspired by the film The Hangover, was shot over the summer at Hotel Martinez, Club Palais, and Gotha Club in Cannes, France, with over 300 spectators in tow.

“I was inspired to do a song that people can listen to every day and celebrate life, just have fun,” says Swizz. “When you wake up, you’re born again so every day is your birthday!!”

Instead of putting out an album, the super-producer has decided to release a series of “memorable moments” based on the current singles-driven market.

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  1. ellitit

    i’ll hit the club!!! first



    this hot right here. dope video, the whole ‘hangover’ theme was slick.


  3. Cassidyboi

    Loved the video…


  4. Pereezy YMCMB MMG

    OMG… Breezy Murdered It…


  5. Knows Greatness

    #NoLie this is nice… aye….!


  6. OMG

    ChrisBrown is yuck, song sux.. bie.


  7. #ShadeThrown

    This was shot when they visited Rihanna in the cannes on her yacht! #Dope!


  8. Stre3t Danc@



  9. tripper27

    chris brown at 5:27 screamed like a lil girl! hahaha


  10. bosschick

    chris brown’s scream at the end killed me lol!!!


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