Nas and Father Star in Gap Holiday Campaign

Nas and Olu Dara

Nas is coming home for the holidays. The hip-hop icon poses for a family portrait with his father, jazz musician Olu Dara, in the 2012 holiday campaign for Gap called “Love Comes In Every Shade.” The father-son ads, entitled “Fatherly Love,” will be displayed at Gap stores worldwide.

“Me & Pops for The Gap. #LifeisGood,” tweeted Nas, who collaborated with his father on his 2004 single “Bridging the Gap.”

Other stars appearing in Gap’s campaign include Michael J. Fox, Jack Huston, Rufus Wainwright, and Francis Ford Coppola.

UPDATE: Watch the 30-second TV spot below.

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  2. The World Is An Addiction

    This is so dope!


  3. x

    Tanning #Translation


  4. John



  5. LOLA

    Sooooooooooo Cute. I LOVE Nas!!!!


  6. temisimo

    Life is good!!!


  7. Sharp Tongue

    Mad dope I love shit like this.


  8. bibi93

    Life is good!!


  9. Kyle

    What a great powerful message to send to the young generation. Nas is a #LEADER. This is awesome!


  10. Hov

    GAP? Lmao, Self ether – hov


    SAY IT LOUD...! Reply:

    @Hov, Grow Up! Self “ether” goes out to you.-Nas

    It amazes me that the “immature minds” are still stuck in the past. Nas & Jay-z moved on in their successful lives by creating music together & supporting each others careers but the miserable fans can’t seem to do the same.
    Yes, Gap? a company that brings in several billion dollars of revenue yearly & that such stars as Madonna, Jennifer Hudson, LL Cool J, Common and countless others were apart of their ad campaign. There is nothing that indicates Nas or Olu Dara self “ethered” themselves by display love between a father & son & recieving a 7 digit check for it ($$$$).
    Most hip hop fans are use to fatherless images and molt liquor ads…that is probably why YOU think Nas “self ethered” himself because you don’t know any better LMAO!


    Tbones Reply:

    @SAY IT LOUD…!, Now what you just did is to ether that ignorant kid. Kids of nowadays and sometimes immature adults come off as stupid most of the times. The kid/immature adult prolly does not know that GAP is one of the biggest clothing n accessory retailers/manufacturers in the world, or he just hasnt gotten over ether seeing as he vicariously lives through his favorite mc while Jay got over it years ago.


  11. James Williams

    That is beautiful!! I love when father and son embrace each other and display affection, that is missing so heavy in our black community. I hope this ad will lead by example.


  12. dan

    Class Act..)dk


  13. happy

    One Love Nas, great pic with you and your dad, my dude. Nas, you be killing this leadership thing, my dude. Again, I just wish all the other rappers would look and learn from you. You are a powerful man with the ability to inspire and to lead our new generation. When I see my brothers doing things like this it makes me feel so good inside. Other fools, always try to be hard all time, but this is real talk. This pic is so inspiring!!! If Pac and Big would have listen to you or been like you, they probably would be still alive now. And…we would not have these commercial rappers anymore. Jay Z get back with Nas. You two are the only real dudes that are left. Jay Z, Nas, Pac and Big! That is it!!! Everyone else comes after!!!!


  14. Tboh

    Powerful image right there…yes there can be a sound father – son relationship in a Black family. Word up Nas…GOAT!!!


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