Rihanna, Lauryn Hill, Lil’ Kim, Diddy, & More Celebrate Obama’s Re-Election


Four years after his historic presidential win, Barack Obama captured a second term. The president won the electoral vote, the popular vote, and the celebrity vote. After the results were announced, Twitter was flooded with congratulatory messages from music’s biggest stars including Rihanna, Diddy, Mariah Carey, Lil’ Kim, and many more.

Ciara was hopeful for the future, Keri Hilson was beaming with pride, Nicki Minaj was overcome with emotion, Janelle Monáe shed tears of joy, and even the elusive Ms. Lauryn Hill tweeted her excitement.

Scroll through some of the celebratory messages below.

Rihanna: Put one in da air for the Prez!!!! Our dear Obama!

Nicki Minaj: So inspiring, dreams do come true… CONGRATULATIONS MR. PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!! Cried the first time he was elected and this time was just so surreal…never thought I’d see this in my lifetime. #GodBlessAmerica

will.i.am: Thank you america…we are still on our path.

Mary J. Blige: Congratulations Mr.President!!!! I was never worried and i never doubted you!!! God bless you!!! 4 more years!!!

LeToya Luckett: U SEE IT!!!!!! *Drops mic walks OFF stage* MY PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED…AGAIN!!!

Diddy: It feels even better the secoond time around!!!! #obama2012

Lil’ Kim: We Did it !!!!!!!!!! TEAM OBAMA !!!!! YES!!!!! Thank u to all who supported ! Xoxo

Meek Mill: S/o 2 #obama the only man that made me believe anything is possible…. Gave me hope!

Timbaland: congrats 2 president Obama

Teyana Taylor: Our president is black!!!!! My vote counted!!!!!!!!!! Everybody’s vote counted!!!!!! TURN UP!!!!!

Young Jeezy: Yeahhhhhhh! WE DONE IT AGAIN! Shout out @BarackObama!!!

LL Cool J: Don’t call it a comeback he’s been here 4 years.

Game: #OBAMA 2012-2016 is yours.

Ciara: YES!God Bless America! We Will Get Better!I BELIEVE!The Economy WILL GET BETTER!WATCH! Historical Moments Dont Happen Like This 4 No Reason!

Fat Joe: Congratulations to President OBAMA !!!! #TeamObama

Snoop Dogg: My president is black

Janelle Monáe: Tears of joy. President Obama has 4 more years. America has spoken. We believe in @BarackObama.

Solange: Yes. We. Can. Yes. We. Did. Obama 2012.

Cassie: Yessssssssssss!!!!! Give ‘em 4 more!!!!

Dawn Richard: This was beautiful to see so many of us fighting for a cause! Observe what we can do when we love and agree! #Forward

Bruno Mars: YES!

Diggy: I can’t even believe I’m watching this man….. #History

Jennifer Hudson: It’s a new day!!!!!!! Come on!!!

Melody Thornton: Congrats @BarackObama sleep well tonight and lets do everything possible to make this the best 4 years this country has seen!!

Keri Hilson: America, you have spoken…YES!!!!!!!! OBAMA!!!!!!!!! 4 MORE YEARS!!!!! THIS IS THE NEW AMERICA!!!!!! PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!!!

Mariah Carey: Congratulations to our beloved President Barack Obama, our spectacular First Lady Michelle Obama & the adorable Malia & Sasha. We love you!

Justin Bieber: alot of emotions right now. congrats President Obama…Im Canadian. Im good. #FreeHealthcare :)

Ashanti: Congratulations MR. PRESIDENT!!!!

Pusha T: Another 4 in the black house! YEAH VA!!

Eve: Amazing!!!! God Bless our President Barack Obama, our 1st Lady Michelle and his two beautiful children. #proud of #america

Lauryn Hill: YES!!!!!!! -MLH

Kelly Rowland: Congratulations to President Barack Obama on his historical election win tonight! We proved to the world tonight that Americans are moving forward and will continue to be a great nation. Yes we can. Yes we did. #FORWARD

Waka Flocka Flame: OBAMA SQUAD!!!! 4 mo yrs! Lehgooooo!!!!

Jordin Sparks: Congrats 2 our President! What a race! Lets unite, work together & be one again! No matter who is President, Jesus is King! #Titus31&2

Big Sean: Today was a GOOD day! #Obama

Wiz Khalifa: Four more years brahh

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  1. liio

    lol, can we have a little bit of ethnic diversity in these tweets please?


    Tyrone Reply:

    @liio, u know this is an urban site, f*ck outta here wit ur diversity. Go to perez hiltion


    Blah Reply:



    Nielsen Reply:

    @Tyrone @Blah, You’re both idiots. Whites, hispanics, asians and every other ethnicity besides blacks listen to rap as well. Stop being such ignorant fucks.


    Ursula Reply:

    @Nielsen, So calling someone an “ignorant f*ck” is permissible? These people have a right to reply to that person speaking about ethnic diversity. Hip-hop was created by African Americans, and no one else. When country & rock gets a little more diverse then we can talk.


    native power Reply:

    @Ursula, thats why you stoopid hoe….you proved his point right niggas are ignorant because WHITE PEOPLE VOTED FOR HIM TO BITCH SHIT IM NATIVE AMERICAN…YOU WANNA GET RACIST CAUS THEY WERE ON THIS LAND FIRST BEFORE UR BLACK RAP HOWS THAT DUMB BITCH!!!!!!!


    Blah Reply:

    @Nielsen, No, your’re a complete idiot. Nobody said other races didn’t listen to rap. Reading is fundamental.


    Dj paradise Reply:

    @Nielsen,I totally agree!


  2. Blah

    Congrats to the President, the voters, and America!


    KenBarbUK Reply:

    @Blah, isn’t ll cool J a Republican?


    Trev Reply:

    @KenBarbUK, not he is registered as an independent but voted for Obama both terms


  3. Gggrrriiisss

    I’m for Obama but he won just because of his race, if people really voted for political issues then Romney would have won!


    MusicFan Reply:

    @Gggrrriiisss, Shtfu…your not for Obama… If you were you wouldnt say tht.. & its not becuz of his race.. Romney doesnt have the heart of a president..pssh: only wrote ONE speech// SERIOUSLY


    Gggrrriiisss Reply:

    @MusicFan, he won because as statistics say, he got 99 percent of black votes, if all those voters would have voted for what they believe in (which most of them are against abortion, same sex marriage etc) then Romney would have won. And a lot of people from the black community are only opting period because he’s black, they’ll probably skip the next election if there isn’t a black candidate.


    Ursula Reply:

    @Gggrrriiisss, Abortion and same sex marriage are outweighed by issues such as diplomacy, health care, financial aid, and foreign policy – issues that Romney could care less about. Plus, Obama is in support of same sex marriage. FYI many different minorities, as well as whites voted for Obama because of the progress this country has made over the past 4 years.

    Next time, talk about all of the people in the red states that voted Romney, just because he is white. There were quite a few of them.


    Blaq Republican Reply:

    @Gggrrriiisss, really? because the majority of Americans are black sympathisers? Your best just couldn’t be trusted


    SdotB Reply:

    @Gggrrriiisss, b/c of his race? wtf??? Hello, if it was based on race the WHITE MAN would win just like “he” did all these years…race actually acts AGAINST Barack, that was one of his barriers…there are lots of whites who don’t wanna see an African American in office…

    please go hide back under the rock u just crawled out from under!!


    coolio Reply:

    @Gggrrriiisss, He definitely won because of his race, but he’s also got a strong position on healthcare and education. Most of these idiot celebrities don’t know the difference between a republican and a democrat.


    Monty Reply:

    @coolio, You’re a fucking idiot, playing the race card in 2012. Go die, please.


    Trev Reply:

    @coolio, ummm no…actually the race was close because of his race…if Obama stayed exactly the same on his views but was white this would have been a landslide in favor of Obama


    Alicia Thornton Reply:

    @Gggrrriiisss, no way the republicans cud have win,n its not abt race,the republican government is abt race,OBAMA have black,white,mixed ppl etc voted for him n backin him n ruling with,romney is bare white ppl with him,u ain’t seein no black or no mixed ppl among him,And romney don’t have wat it takeS,wen it comes to OBAMA.OBAMA is positive of wat he is doin,n he can give a good speech out of his head,romney got to look on paper he wud jus bring america down like G.Bush,The republican’s don’t knw to run a america,all they knw abt is War n War,SO I REPECT OBAMA,HE IS MORE POSTIVE ABT AMERICA’S FUTURE


    joey Reply:

    @Gggrrriiisss, definitely won because he’s black. but props to him


    Amanda Reply:

    @Gggrrriiisss, I would say that 80% of the reason he won the 2008 election was because of his race. I believe he won the 2012 election because of the democrats in America.


  4. meisha

    Blah blah blah a win is a win! #Obama


  5. yooooooooo

    KERI HILSON brought me here lol


    SdotB Reply:

    @yooooooooo, wow..

    the prez should’ve brought u here…but ok..


    Trey Reply:

    @SdotB, Exactly. This site is infested with dumbasses.


  6. Alicia Thornton



  7. Yasmine

    Mitt Romney a mormon but he ain’t got no hoes. -Snoop Dogg/Lion … whatever the fuck he’s calling himself now lol


  8. TheTruth

    Why do people keep saying he won because of his race!?!?! African Americans only make up 12.6% percent of the 300 million people in the US & Not all African Americans voted for Obama believe it or not.


  9. room2roam

    to all of those saying he won bc of his race PLENTY of white folks voted for obama. the best candidate won…unless all you care about is money


  10. Trillafood

    And all the whites voted for Romney hook nose ass and he lost! So womp womp!


  11. TeamBeyKimJay

    yesssssssss Obama but Im laughing at nicki tweet she such fool of shit and yess I said it cause i can


    Amanda Reply:

    @TeamBeyKimJay, Damn, I smell a hater. She’s a fool for supporting Obama, but everyone else that did isn’t? You’re just mad because she’s Nicki Minaj. If Nicki said, “I like the color pink.” You would call her a fool, a clown, this, that, and the third. People hating on Nicki simply because she’s Nicki. Smh


  12. Jay

    Congrats to the OBAMA’S!!!! :)



    Ask any young voter 18-24 about Obama’s policies and most of them won’t know more than 2… Simple fact is, he won because he’s black, and that’s it.

    How can a President who’s never run a successful business turn around the USA (which is a business)? Fact is, most african americans don’t care about the economy as much as white folks. They care about the social issues like health care and equal rights… Not so much education, or economy… Romney may be a jerk, but you can’t deny he knows business, and he had the credentials to prove it.


    KaramelKisses Reply:

    @YMCMINAJ, To say that he won ONLY because he’s black is a slap in his face & the face of so many that have fought for equality. Maybe you should do some research before commenting … Barack Obama, excuse me President Barack Obama is responsible for universal health care including care to those w pre-exisitng conditions, wall street & credit card company reform, ending the war in afghanistan when he said he would, saving the auto industry, speaking out about his belief in same sex marriage & that’s just to name a few. AND let’s not forget, he ordered the assasination of one of the world’s most notorious killers osama bin laden. This president has been one of the most pro-active presidents EVER!


  14. ntirenganha.T.i

    Yeahhhhhhh! WE DONE IT AGAIN!


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