New Music: Nick Cannon – ‘Young & Gettin’ It (Freestyle)’

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon goes off the dome and drops an Auto-Tuned freestyle as part of his “Friday Freestyle” series.

“F**k tha police ’cause I do no crimes and them pigs stay on point, I call ‘em porky pines,” raps the “America’s Got Talent” host over Meek Mill’s “Young & Gettin’ It” instrumental.

He challenged other rappers to a freestyle battle. “No written! No reading off blackberrys! No memorized flow! Straight raw real hiphop freestyles!” tweeted Nick. “I will battle anybody in the game on a off the top REAL freestyle. Im the best at this Improv sh!t #WildnOut Whoever want it! Put yo $ up.”

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  1. plk

    Still corny as ever.


  2. A$VP Richie

    I thought the song sucked when meek did it. But he should win a grammy for it compared to this shit





  4. coco

    SMH why Nick


  5. Amanda

    Smh. Why is he doing this?


  6. DRB


    This is what happens you take your oldest child off his leash.


  7. it's me letters

    he’s making that Mariah money!


  8. Lawd A Mercy

    My name says it all


  9. jj

    struggle bars!!! LMFAO!!!! no nick u could’nt have kept going thats why you did’nt LOSEr


  10. boom boom

    Mimi’s kept man
    seat your ass down child.


  11. jj

    SCRUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bieber raps better than him… have several seats Nick canon!!!


  12. Child Please

    Idk why ya’ll mad. ain this what 2Chainz and Future be doin? TUH


  13. french

    fuck nick canon !! from french


  14. AintNobodyGotTimeFoDat

    that title? girl bye! everyone including yourself knows if mariah wouldn’t have married your irrelavant ass you would be standing in line for foodstamps. smh.


  15. Tbozfan10

    At least he is saying something with substance. His flow is wack though.


  16. bibi93

    Great Nick!!!


  17. Arie

    I think he is just having fun. Don’t take life so seriously man. Nick knows he is no Biggie but he is just enjoying himself and making money in the process.


  18. FC

    Fuck all y’all haters nick has a cool ass flow…. he has lyrics y’all bitches got used to that abc rap… example she got a big booty so I call her big booty o_O but that shit go hard right? Ahh no y’all hoes could not walk a fucking mile in nicks shoes …. and fo u dumb hoes who always wanna bring mariah in it why? Shut the fuck mc loves his music y’all are just some lame internet bangers


  19. Jay

    You can’t hate on the man. He’s doing it big!!! I’ve been watching Nick since Nickelodeon. Dude, is super multitalented!!! For a freestyle this is dope!! I know I couldn’t do that. :)


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