Video: Kelly Rowland – ‘ICE’ [Extended Teaser]

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland delivers more chills in the tantalizing teaser for “ICE” featuring Lil Wayne. The R&B chanteuse shot scenes at an old ice factory with shirtless men playing the factory workers.

“It’s a very, very sexy video,” said director Matthew Rolston, while Kelly added, “The sensuality of ‘ICE’ is completely pronounced in this video from it being so cold that it’s hot to so hot that it’s cold.”

Her fellow Destiny’s Child diva Michelle Williams also showed up to lend her support. “It’s really hot,” said Michelle. “Some scenes I have to go like this [covers eyes] ’cause I’m just not ready to see my sister grown, although she’s been grown for years.”

You won’t have to wait too much longer to see the final product. The full video will premiere on Wednesday, November 14, while Kelly’s album Year of the Woman is due next year.

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  1. williNalli

    OMG!!! OMG!!! *dead*

    Yesssss Kelly


  2. RihNaj

    Love this Biitch!!


  3. NOLA Navy

    So nobody is going to tell her that the song flopped already? Okay. Carry on with your melted ice.


    hcfx2 Reply:

    @NOLA Navy, Bish go on somewhere!! get your facts right… how is it flopping when the song is still rising on its intended format!? you may now sit!


    NOLA Navy Reply:

    @hcfx2, The song debuted at #100 on the charts and it’s STILL there. LOL


    williNalli Reply:

    @NOLA Navy, you forgot WITHOUT ANY PROMO whatsoever!!!


    Veterans Day Reply:

    @NOLA Navy, its in the top 10 on R&B hip hop charts on Billboard if im not mistaken.. which is where Motivation mainly had success.


  4. JustJameis

    Yasssssss Ms.Kelly! The song hasn’t flopped, it’s holding steady on Urban radio and the R&B charts, the video will only further it.


  5. hcfx2




    she’s not here to play !!! for sure

    go kelly

    its your time to shine !!!!!


  7. KING K

    what does its mean????

    what ????

    sl…… SLAYAaAaAaAaAGE

    ok girl!!!

    i see you.


  8. Kemar

    I’m so excited. It took long enough for the video to come though, damn! Can y’all haters let her live?! Shit, if you don’t like her, STOP CLICKING HER STUFF! Anyways, can’t wait to see it on Nov. 14.


  9. meme

    almost half a year later and she still trying to push this song? i dont understand what was the point of releasing the song 6months before the video. My excitement for this already died.


    kemit Reply:

    she come harder

    she gonna slay this vid and the next one just after that.


    Pereezy.Tunechi YMCMB MMG Reply:

    @meme, B**ch Stay Press.. This video Is goin’ To Be Crazy, I’m Sure u Gon’ Love it. But Keep Doin’ yo Job ”Fu**in Hater”

    Miss Kelly All Day Everyday


  10. [email protected]

    now can som1 tell Michelle to already growup too or atleast stop fronting like church girls dont get down! Kelly is over 30 yrs old, beyonce has a baby now, Michelle betta act like her ICE clock is melting.


    Cume Reply:

    @[email protected], Hush with the Michelle talk. She just spoke her mind…


  11. kemit

    kelly decide to step up her game where the game is which is sex appeal 1st.

    nothing original but it work for EVERY female out right now.

    i am sure she gonna do a up tempo after that because im wondering if its vid can be play oh the middle of the day.
    i am not sure after what michelle say.

    but i can wait

    its gonna be epic.


  12. Jay

    HOT!!! This song is kinda hypnotic. Kelly is looking good!!! I love that she’s rocking the short hair again. It really looks good on her!! Got check this video out!!! :)


  13. Mk

    Roll on wednesday. I cannot wait! Kill em ms kelly!


  14. KelendriaRules

    WOOH WOOOHW I need a lipitor !!!!


  15. Kelly at her best

    kick that ass kelly


  16. Quest

    Michelle, you killin’ the game girl! When that new album come out? Might go aluminum foil this time around!


  17. kaka



  18. Hank

    First, it was Trey Songz releasing sneak peaks and trailers for Dive In, only to release the video an eternity later and now Kelly’s black ass. This bullshit is not cute.


    king k Reply:


    calm down the vid coming nov 14


    williNalli Reply:

    @king k, ikr


  19. williNalli

    I AM SO READY for this video it’s not even funny :D


  20. LOLA

    Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Kelly BRING IT!


  21. kaka

    Yassss kelllyyy bring it on


  22. LaMont

    I can’t wait to see the entire video.


  23. Mamatoldme

    Mama told me Kelly is going to Slay this end of Year 2012


  24. Hate Nicki

    for some reason this reminds me of keri hilson


  25. HurricaneKelendria

    Puuuullll uppppp she been puring like a kitten cravin your love !!!!


  26. Well..

    It blows my mind how someone so sweet, beautiful and very humble have so many haters. All Kelly is doing is trying to win and you unknown bums sitting behind your computers and phones trying to tear her down smh

    You can’t stop God’s plans for this woman.


  27. HurricaneKelendria

    Thank you for saying that With all these bitch ass people on the industry they trying to attack one of the sweetest keep trying cauz at the end of the day she can give you bread and wine for decades to come !!!


  28. Jayla

    Kelly and her team know exactly what their doin..All the hatas gone see….Its good she just now releasing the video..Instead of throwing every thing out at once like Ciara basic ass….


  29. Tuesdyo Boomz

    pretty good Song


  30. Tuesdyo Boomz



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