Chris Brown and Tyga Postpone ‘Fan of a Fan 2’ Mixtape

Tyga and Chris Brown

Chris Brown and Tyga fans will have to wait to get their hands on the duo’s eagerly-awaited mixtape Fan of a Fan 2. Breezy has confirmed that the project has been put on the back burner so he can focus on his own album.

The follow-up to 2010’s Fan of a Fan was originally due this summer, but has since been delayed. “As of now, we have postponed Fan of a Fan 2 just because of [Tyga's] baby situation and me focusing on my tour and really getting my album done,” said Breezy, who has already recorded 13 tracks for the tape. “Not to say I’m mad at my audience, I just want them to buy some music. Honestly, I’ve been giving free music for a year-and-a-half. It’s time to kick in.”

He is focusing his attention on his next album, Carpe Diem, due in 2013. He premiered the first single, “Nobody’s Perfect,” last week on Power 106.

During his visit to “Big Boy’s Neighborhood,” the 23-year-old singer also spoke briefly about his infamous feud with Drake and said there was no physical altercation. “I’m more reserved and I box. It would have been none of that,” he said. “I don’t walk around with a vendetta or a chip on my shoulder.”

He said his relationship with Jay-Z remains cordial despite rumors. “It was real respectful, nothing like that,” said Chris, who met up with the Roc Nation boss at a recent concert.

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  1. Jason

    “Not to say I’m mad at my audience, I just want them to buy some music. Honestly, I’ve been giving free music for a year-and-a-half. It’s time to kick in.”



  2. Hov

    he has 2 lamborghini aventadors, audi r8, dodge viper, ranger rover, porsche panamera, he doesnt need money lol


  3. Mariah2013

    we all saw this coming. both are working on new albums, i mean come on


  4. Patricia

    “Not to say I’m mad at my audience, I just want them to buy some music.”

    I’M CRYING!!!!


  5. Deidre

    I’ll buy his music again when it gets good again.


    Hov Reply:

    @Deidre, word, all his shit is that pop euro dance generic garbage, he needs scott storch again


  6. destiny

    chris brown is the most second hots male raper


  7. Deannabreezy

    I glad he’s working on a new album and he has been giving free music so IM WITH HIM buy some music!!


    STFU I'm Famous Reply:

    @Deannabreezy, AMEN!!


  8. Morgan

    After that Twitter block party, it’d be prudent not to further ostracize what’s left of your fan base, Christopher …


  9. OMG

    Chrissy poo, I think you should rethink that statement. How short is your memory. You were blackballed and the mix tape is what got people interested again. I use to really support this kid but everytime he opens his mouth I’m like ugh shutup already.

    fyi: I am a consumer that actually owns all of his CD’s


  10. @antonysheph

    His music isn’t even worth illegally downloading.


    Kris Reply:

    @@antonysheph, lol thank you


    Truth Reply:

    @@antonysheph, Yeah i have to agree. If he continues doing that pop shit his albums not going to sell. He definately needs to work with Scott Storch again


  11. miles

    His music sales get smaller as his music progressively gets worse


  12. India

    Do yah tng Chris,lada 4 hatrz.God got.u!!!!!


  13. tuedsyo Boomz

    people gonna buy alot of diffrent Music Rather the fans Like his music or not


  14. Ciya Love

    Haters, you can’t live with them and you most certainly can’t live without them! Chris brown goes pop its a mother fuckin problem lil wayne goes pop yall ride his dick the whole ride( on his skate board). If you not a fan shut the fuck up and suck chris dick if you are a fan just support him and everything he do! And you’ll most definitely get the music your heart desires! There is always space for change, there is nothing wrong with experimenting, is it?!


  15. SA4CATE1

    Im with @Ciya Love

    Ya’ll dont know what you want..
    Shows you aint real fans..
    Leave a brother alone.. If you dont like pop then shut up n stop complaining then.
    He gave you alot of free music so why cant you return a favour buy buying his album..

    I will always buy his music, pop,Rnb or hip hop coz im a real ass fan.
    And besides his album has is 97% RNB so why complain, we know thats his genre..

    So shut up, buy fortune n live on.
    You will get the damn mix tape.


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