Video: Wiz Khalifa f/ The Weeknd – ‘Remember You’

Wiz Khalifa

Mystery awaits in the dark video for Wiz Khalifa’s single “Remember You” featuring The Weeknd. Wiz’ new album O.N.I.F.C. drops December 4 featuring appearances from Cam’ron, 2 Chainz, Pharrell, and more.


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  1. wow

    Whoa ok


  2. Deidre



  3. Hank

    Now, if this was Abel’s song (which, it might as well be) … there’d be nothing but white women.


    King Dro Reply:

    @Hank, truu but can’t hate a brother for getting them cheezy crackers after they turned a blind eye in highschool


  4. TyRek

    I like it.


  5. ashely brown



  6. KFan

    What was happened with Wiz?! It sounds like requiem..where’s songs like no sleep,roll up..


  7. beenie man

    wiz totally ruined the song, was hoping for more… weeknd killed it tho


  8. tuedsyo Boomz

    nice Music Video some of yall hater shut the hell up.


  9. Sara

    Can you say illuminati man its crazy what peaople will try to control you with damn just for cash its ur loss tho r.i.p lost souls ;-9


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