New Music: Angel Haze – ‘Gimme That’

Gimme That

Watch out. Rap’s rising star Angel Haze is “coming for the crown.” Following the release of her Classick mixtape, the 21-year-old MC keeps the fire burning on “Gimme That.”

“I’m in it to finish, your career about to be ghost, bitch/ Perfect don’t exist, but I bet that I’m the closest, and nobody can beat me like I’m rap tuberculosis,” she spits over the Lunice production.

Angel’s full-length debut is slated for a May 2013 release on Universal Republic.

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  1. Trev

    hmmm it was ok…lyrically she’s a beast and her flow is nice but i don’t need this on my ipod

    idk what it is but i don’t feel her like i used to…the only recent song that i absolutely love is her take on “Cleaning out my closet”


  2. Yassss

    She should let nicki keep the crown


  3. youMADstayMAD!

    i don’t see her being a big mainstream artist. she needs to be like Gucci Mane and just make mixtapes.


  4. missbk

    #1 stop comparing every female rapper to nicki. angel haze is in her own lane.
    #2 welcome to what real hip-hop is and a relevant female rapper that has raw talent.
    #3 she will be mainstreamed bc if people listened to her music many can relate…can you really say that for gucci? i dont think so. mainstream doesn’t equal selling yourself out and being poppy.


    Rymz missing u&me Reply:

    @missbk, thank for saying that. True that


    Righteous Reply:

    @missbk, The truth!


    Nicky Reply:

    @missbk, i agree!


  5. Sassyandclassy

    Yawnsssssss good night Angel


  6. Hov

    chris brown gimme that >>>>>>


  7. bibi93



  8. tuedsyo Boomz



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