Big Sean Pushes ‘Hall of Fame’ to 2013

Big Sean

Big Sean is kicking off the new year with a new album. The G.O.O.D. Music rapper has pushed his sophomore set Hall of Fame to early 2013.

In his second video blog entitled “Fear,” the 24-year-old grapples with the release date, eventually deciding to postpone the album, which was originally due December 18.

“I’m playing myself if I come out too early. I’ma take my time with it. My first album was not all the way where I wanted it to be,” he says of the follow-up to his 2011 debut Finally Famous.

He doesn’t want to rush for the sake of a release date. “The first project I put out and felt comfortable with was Detroit. We really did it how we wanted to do it. We shot the proper promotion,” explains Sean of his latest mixtape. “I’m not about to do this to my album. We about to do what we did with Detroit 10 times better.”

In the webisode, he also opens up about his fears. “I can sit here and say I don’t fear anything, nothing, or I never felt fear. That’s a goddamn lie though,” admits the Detroit MC. “Everybody afraid of something, whether you know it or not. I always feared not ever living the life I dreamed of or not being successful or rich.”

But his belief in a higher power has allowed him to conquer his fears. “Instead of letting my fears scare me or disable me, I let them motivate me, inspire me, by getting past ‘em, shittin’ on ‘em.”

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  1. Pereezy YMCMB MMG

    2013 is goin’ to be a big Year for Real Hip Hop,
    Lil Tunechi-I am Not Human Being
    Drizzy- ?????
    T-Raww- Hotel California
    Big Sean- Hall Of Fame
    Ludacris- Ludaversal
    Lil Twist- Don’t Get It Twisted


    x Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG, u forgot J. Cole


    Pereezy YMCMB MMG Reply:

    @x, You’re Right


    tgod Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG, keep dreaming.


    THe Masta Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG, All of them are wack as sh*t!!!


    Nielsen Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG, Seems like an awful year for Real Hip Hop.


    KeepItReal Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG, Don’t Get It Twisted Is NEVER coming out


    C94B Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG,

    “2013 is goin’ to be a big Year for Real Hip Hop, (…) Lil Twist- Don’t Get It Twisted”



  2. Outlaw420

    Big sean is wack and corney as hell.I bet his album will flop harder then rick ross titties


  3. Ana

    I knew it would


  4. Monty

    Everyone say this coming. Sean needs a better follow-up single…don’t know what the hell he was thinking with that “Guap.”


  5. dodo

    good. keep pushing it back till it disappears.


  6. Tuesdyo Boomz

    Good. WOuld like to see him work with Keri Hilson or Ciara or Dondria, Ashanti, OR Brandy, Keyshia Cole, Mary J bilge, Jay-z OR J. cole, Trey Songz, Beyonce KNowles-Carter, Nick Cannon


  7. Axam

    Would’ve surprise me if he “pushed” it back to JANUARY, just in time to screw with Cole’s sales.


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