Keyshia Cole, Kelly Rowland, R. Kelly, & Rick Ross Perform at Chicago’s Big Jam

Keyshia Cole

Chicago was the place to be last night as hip-hop and R&B’s finest came to town to perform at WGCI’s Big Jam 2012 at Allstate Arena. The star-studded bill featured Usher, Rick Ross, Keyshia Cole, Kelly Rowland, Fat Joe, and Future.

Keyshia brought down the house with her latest singles “Enough of No Love” and “Trust and Believe,” Kelly Rowland turned up the heat with “Motivation,” and Usher shared the stage with Rick Ross for “Lemme See.”

Fresh from his “Single Ladies” tour, Chi-town’s own R. Kelly delivered a surprise set much to the delight of the hometown crowd.

Check out some of the performances below.

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  1. Daniel

    Loved Kelly’s performance, but I wanna watch ICE one :)


  2. Kristiopher

    keyshia is gettin so much better vocally live. Kelly is my good girl too


  3. j.m.i

    keyshia…..girl! you made my day!


  4. yaaassss

    Kelly did Great! Dannnggg… I wanted to see her perform ICE! Ugh… wheres the freakin video? Keyshia did good too im gettn tht woman album! I’ve loved all the songs so far from her accept the one she did with Ashanti.


  5. Bri

    Love Usher and Kelly’s performance!


  6. alessandro

    i just love kelly. she has improved so much. her ice video is everything to me. it is really hot hot hot


  7. muni

    Kelly killed IT!!


  8. D. KELLS

    All artist I love the good and talented R&B artist and it is only right that The King Of R&B shows up in his home town Kells.


  9. youwannaknow



  10. kcFAN

    Keyshia Cole killed it!!! once Again. Y’all can’t stop her she coming full force.


  11. Hate Nicki

    Awww R Kelly is so cute for singing IGNITION, that’s a hot RNB song. I miss that kind of RNB.

    Girls were boring as fukkkkk


  12. IfuckedYaMotha89

    Man Keyshia Cole is getting so much better vocally! im so proud to be a fan! she hit that note at the end! yesss biaaaatch !


  13. philly11

    Usher killed Climax!! love that song!!

    Usher + Kellz on stage the same night=Real singing!! Damn it…I miss the 90s


  14. miguel

    I’m happy with the evolution of ms kelly as a solo artist!!!!! she’s doing so well!


  15. miguel

    Usher was REALLY amazing on Climax!!!


  16. Jay-Me

    Keyshia was working that stage like she was headlining.


  17. qposh

    kelly did a great job…. her vocals improve everytime… u go girl


  18. Stephanie

    what are yall watching? Kelly’s performance was boring. And i’m tired of Motivation. she has been living off that one song forever. LOL @ her evolution.


  19. jackwestjnr

    King kells U̶̲̥̅̊ d Boss!


  20. jackwestjnr

    Good performances.isee rnb King cant wait to seeu in africa Nigeria U̶̲̥̅̊ d real Boss!


  21. Asa

    Keyshia has gotten good live. Proud of her. She’s always had talent, but damn she started off weak as hell live. Glad she’s been working on her vocal performances.

    Was getting tired of people saying she didn’t have talent.


  22. Myrl22

    Kelly Kelly what can I say, you killed the night… you brought fiyahhh on stage baby girl…. the guys were great but kelly stole the show for me… #teamkelly all day and all night #YOTW


  23. joi

    kelly rowland rock that crowd. keyshia is trying musc harder but her album is still wack. it’s very spotty, and she’s needs to get some better gay men to executive produce her album and stop riding off the hottest rap at the moment connection!!!!!!!!!!


  24. joi

    r. kelly good/ kelly rowland good/ keyshia cole wackkkkk!


  25. Pour boomz RearzTues

    dope live performance


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