Mariah Carey, Ne-Yo, & Swizz Beatz Attend Nick Cannon’s HALO Awards

Mariah and Nick

Mariah Carey puckered up to her husband Nick Cannon at the 2012 TeenNick HALO Awards at the Hollywood Palladium last night. The pop diva was in the house to support her man along with his mother, a dapper Swizz Beatz, and Ne-Yo, who hit the stage for a performance. The HALO Awards (Helping and Leading Others) recognize teens who make a difference in their communities. The show will air Monday at 8 p.m. on Nick@Nite.

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  1. Mariah2013

    aww mimi


  2. Jay Scorpio

    Ah now see why that by**h MC can’t control her weight dread…. WDMC is all that junk food punk that plate n front her????!!!!!

    PS: Nicky is aging nicely…. can i b da next home wrecker after AK??!!! hehehehehe


  3. Dadonroman

    I Stopped liking these two after they tried to play victim on national television. That was a low blow and not classy especially since everything was supposed to be squashed via a meeting.


  4. sonja

    Classy Mariah ..Black dress.

    She looks great


  5. Yo

    Mariah looks fat and tired.


  6. yup i said it

    ne-yo looking good like always


  7. Natasha

    No wonder people don’t like her personality. In the first picture she looks like she’s too good to give her husband a kiss on the cheek. And then the pic with Swizz Beatz, “let me fake an ugly smile while I take a pic with this loser.” Lol.


  8. eddie

    Go MC haters get a life so lame


  9. Jay

    Love the two of them!!! Congrats to Nick!!! :)


  10. Pour boomz RearzTues

    they both Looks Nice as well other people too


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