LL Cool J Unveils ‘Authentic Hip-Hop’ Cover, Tracklisting

Authentic Hip-Hop

LL Cool J pledges his allegiance to hip-hop on the cover of his 14th studio album Authentic Hip-Hop, due February 12, 2013. In the photo, the brawny rapper/actor sits in front of a black-and-white flag with his name on it. He has dedicated the project to his loyal fans, who have grown with him throughout the years.

“I’m not trying to compete with 17-year-olds on the radio, but I am talking directly to the folks who came up with me,” LL tells ESSENCE. “We may not be teenagers anymore, but we do still like to have fun.”

The album, his first since 2008’s Exit 13, has already spawned the singles “Ratchet” and “Take It” featuring Joe.

UPDATE: Check out the official tracklisting, which includes an appearance from Monica.

Authentic Hip-Hop Tracklisting

1. “Something About U (FTW)”
2. “Where Ya At (BOSS)”
3. “Take It” feat. Joe
4. “Closer” feat. Monica
5. “Too Late”
6. “New Love”
7. “Dream With Me”
8. “Girl So Bad”
9. “Ratchet”
10. “Bartender Please”
11. “Bath Salt”
12. “Getting Paper”
13. “Jump On It”
14. “Hell Yeah”
15. “Whaddup”

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  1. CiaraFan

    1St!!! Glad He’s Coming Back Out!!!!


  2. MmmHmm

    LOVE IT!


  3. D. KELLS

    This is what I like to read because I am 27 but my generation forgets where all the new age rappers came from or learned there craft from and that is legends like LL, Tupac, Rakim, Biggie and a lot of legends. So I am glad to see LL still doing what he loves to do and I know for sure somebody will say that famous line why is he trying to come back or he is old. And I say he is not washed up or old he is a legend and he is a pioneer in hip hop so LL keep making that music much respect LL.


    Trev Reply:

    @D. KELLS, sorry but this WILL be a mess…”Ratchet” is possibly the worst song i’ve ever heard…therefore the rest can’t be amazing…well it can, but i doubt you produce a song like ratchet and the rest be great…LL should just stop rapping…retire great


    D. Kellz Reply:

    @Trev, I agree I honestly hate that song called ratchet he made, but the song he made with Joe is a good single he should have came out with that song. I honestly think that song ratchet was something he put out for the club, but it’s a weak song. I’m sure he will stick to the smooth LL and maybe the hardcore LL.


  4. bibi93

    Love it!!


  5. Hugh

    One of the greatest. Looking forward to it


  6. Destined

    Glad LL back and w/ some fantastic features!


  7. Ice

    “Take It” is a hit that needs to be pushed at radio. LL is back.


    Asa Reply:

    @Ice, agree.


  8. Kyle

    I’ve always liked him and his music. I remember playing the hell out of “G.O.A.T.” when that came out like 12 years ago. Wow, I feel old.


  9. missdiva

    cant wait to hear the song with monica hoping its a single…Luv LL…..


  10. JustSayin..

    ive always liked and supported LL. face it he a legend!


  11. Pereezy YMCMB MMG

    Hip Hop Album Without a YMCMB or MMG Ni**a Means Flop


    tgod Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG, ur dumb.


  12. Hate Nicki

    i will be downloading this for sure!


  13. E53

    *sigh he is soo SEXY!


  14. dagift

    this will be a classic whenever LL dont have many features that means he has a point to prove that he is the GOAT all by his self must cop 2 copies!!!!!


  15. Pour boomz RearzTues



  16. Pour boomz RearzTues

    amazing title & can’t wait to hear it


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  18. Ktl

    Anyone know where find early release lyrics of Whaddup?


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