Alicia Keys Recalls First Impression of Swizz Beatz on ‘Nightline’

Alicia Keys

With a new family, album, and outlook on life, Alicia Keys sat down with ABC’s “Nightline” to discuss her evolution over the past decade. Now 31, the singer spoke about the two loves of her life, her husband Swizz Beatz and son Egypt, and took Cynthia McFadden on a visit of her old neighborhood in Harlem, where she wrote her first album.

“I’m more excited about this album than I’ve been for any record ever,” she said of Girl on Fire, due November 27.

While work has always taken precedence in her life, she has learned to “lighten up” over the years thanks to her husband.

“He was a little over the top for me,” recalled Alicia, who met Swizz 10 years ago. “Just as a person, I kinda was like, ‘He’s alright, he’s a little loud.’ Come to find out he’s still loud and I think we’ve actually both balanced each other out.”

Another man who inspires her is her son Egypt, who appears on the track “When It’s All Over” off her new album. She wants to have more children once things settle down. “Definitely at least one more.”

Alicia is a firm believer that you can do anything you set your mind to. “I do believe that you can have it all,” said the accomplished songstress.

Now that’s living proof.

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  1. Danny P

    nasty. lol


  2. xoxo

    Swizz and Alicia meet when she was 16 years old.
    They are both happy and in love. God’s plan is greater than our own.

    I look forward to Girl on Fire and hearing lil Egypt on the album. He is just adorable.


  3. Sonya

    This was the best interview and I’m glad Alicia is so happy. Egypt is just such a sweet little boy and his voice sounded so beautiful. Thanks to Alicia for including him on the album.


  4. Aminem

    All celebs should take an example on this family alicia swiz n egypt.they respect themselves ppl rspect’em n they successiful


  5. Audrey Hepburn

    Oops! You dropped something. Your career. :)


  6. oebie

    Still not feeling it like The Element of Freedom, that album was, at least for me, a comeback after a somewhat lackluster Here I Am.

    I love Alicia, but she doesn’t have to yell so much like in her new songs.


  7. Issa

    “New Day” just hurt my ears.
    “Girl on Fire” … ehh. Hoped it would grow on me. It didn’t.
    “Not Even The King” & “Brand New Me” I like.
    “Fire We Make” … PERFECTION.


  8. functionjunction

    That guy is a skank, four kids with FOUR WOMEN! 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, one every two years and off he goes. He needs a vasectomy (and maybe a lobotomy) and if this marriage lasts more than another 2-3 years it will be a major surprise. And I like how the third kid has the same name as the mom of the first kid. ICK!


  9. Cam Song

    Psh , true love . Notice women tend to fall in love with men who are great at attracting women.

    Proof, Swiss Beatz . He’s a master .

    Bet his baby mamas were all in love with him at some point, eh?

    His track record speaks for itself , yet these women to blind to see ….

    I used to think Alicia Keys was a genius .. apparently not, =)


  10. Cam Song

    Am I being to harsh ?


    Darwinism at it’s best I guess.

    Business arrangement as usual,

    Alicia wanted a baby,
    Swiss wants to fuck …..

    Who am I to judge. Such a trade resulted in us all being here.

    Newho, ‘Girl on Fire’ is the worst ..

    I know I’m not alone on that point ..



  11. Pour boomz RearzTues



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