Kelly Rowland Taps Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis for ‘Year of the Woman’

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland may be appealing to the fellas in the provocative video for “ICE,” but it’s the ladies who she’s catering to on her fourth solo album Year of the Woman. The R&B diva is reaching out to her fellow females with some help from hitmakers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

“I think it’s the most vulnerable I’ve been on a record,” a beaming Kelly told Billboard about the follow-up to Here I Am. “I wanted to definitely touch a woman’s hand and talk to her. One of the things that I wanted to really pronounce on this album was a celebration of a woman.”

She has called on Jam and Lewis (Janet Jackson) to help her reach her goal. “They are a part of the foundation of who I am as well,” she said. “Their sound was one of the first things I remember about R&B and one of the things that I craved for the rest of my life. Being in the studio with them, I had to pinch myself.”

Other contributors include Kevin Cossom (“He’s written a lot of the album”), T-Minus, and Rock City. Year of the Woman is due in the first quarter of 2013.

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  1. magik

    “written a lot of the album” …hmm a lil disappointing


  2. williNalli

    This will be her BEST ALBUM ever. I CANNOT WAIT.


  3. Fa

    The less she is involved ,
    the higher the chance for this album to be really great!


  4. Kyle

    I am so excited to hear what she is cooking up. I like the fact that she is sticking to her roots and making good R&B music.


  5. Taj

    This is interesting news. I’m not a Kelly Rowland fan but would definitely check out all JJ & TL tracks.


  6. ladyrt23

    sounds like the album will be a continuation of her 3rd (which was pretty good). if “ice” was worthy enuff to be the 1st single, then there’s not much to look forward to as 4 shock value. a little concerned with her collabo with jj and tl. i don’t want an 80′s inspired track, so i hope they do her justice.


    Rasan8250 Reply:

    @ladyrt23, You clearly don’t know these two men’s catalog. Their hits go far past the 80′s and considering music is just rehashing what has been done I don’t see your problem. Go have several \_ \_ \_ \_’s!!!


  7. ladyrt23

    from looking at the discography of kevin cossom, seems like he has produced alot of popular rap-inspired songs. again, im concerned because i gather that kelly is chasing hits. i want them to find her signature sound. she’s great for dance/pop songs but i just don’t want this album to be like Brandy’s (just beats swallowing the artist’s vocals).


  8. Audrey Hepburn

    I smell a Janet Jackson Jr. in the making, minus the impeccable dancing skill.


    Victoria Reply:

    @Audrey Hepburn, Terry & Jimmy need to work with Janet on another project. That’d be worth the anticipation and purchase.


  9. Diva

    I’m very excited about the new album… Everybody please VOTE for Kelly ICE video to make 106 & Park! You can vote on the 106 App numerous times, on BET website or text KEL to 79922.


  10. Myrl22

    vote for the video on 106 if you are a kelly fan reading this… i’m beyond exited about year of the women


  11. Rihannawillneverhavea#1album

    Ummmm this girl just needs to stop. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis as legendary as they are should never associate themselves with her flopness, smh!


  12. Pour boomz RearzTues

    can’t wait


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