Nicki Minaj Takes Over ‘106 & Park’ to Celebrate ‘Re-Up’ Release

Bow Wow and Nicki Minaj

In honor of her album release Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up, Nicki Minaj took over “106 & Park” on Monday. Her Barbz filled the studio in Nicki-inspired outfits to get a glimpse of their leader.

In addition to premiering her video for “Freedom,” she talked about her wins at the American Music Awards, touring overseas, her new job on “American Idol,” E! reality show, and more.

She also sat down with her YMCMB labelmate Bow Wow for an “Inside the Rapper’s Studio” session, where she deciphered some of her famous lyrics. Even bossman Birdman called in to congratulate Nicki on her success.

Before she left, a generous Nicki gave all her Barbz in the audience her new “Pink Friday” fragrance and presented a check for $15,000 to the Food Bank of New York City.

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  1. RealTalk

    Was anyone else annoyed at how many times Bow Wow called Nicki his “sis”? Like … o_O


    BLAH Reply:

    @RealTalk, I WAS, But he better stop! His rapping career is over!


    OMG Reply:

    At LEAST thats something Kim Fans Rihanna Fans Nicki Fans Beyonce Fans.. and anybody else that beefs can agree on.

    Bow Wow is DONE! lol


  2. Jay Scorpio

    RE-UP gonna flop harder than Xtina’s LOTUS


    opd2 Reply:

    @Jay Scorpio,you are d-mb @ss f-ck it,s not a new album just a re-release with 7 new songs.


    My name is oo Reply:

    @Jay Scorpio, unapologetic trash!


  3. WayneRules2012

    Haterz kiss my blue ass. Nicki looked effortlessly sassy, and loved how bow wow kept calling her sis; after all we are all from the same parents {adam & eve}


  4. ...

    Can’t help but notice the irony of Nicki complaining about other female rappers she “birthed” not showing her respect. That’s funny cause two years ago that’s what Lil Kim was saying about Nicki. But back then when Nicki was the up-and-coming female rapper according to her Kim was being “bitter” and a “hater” for saying and rapping about the same thing Nicki is now. Funny how the tables turn…



    @…, AGREED! I was a big Nicki fan & even up til now I still am. But Nicki just got too cocky & big headed (which I’m not saying she doesn’t deserve the right not to be) but she’s not humble at all. And she thinks because what she is doing is helping other female rappers out and she’s not. Everything she is doing is for her. And that’s why she doesn’t fuck with the new aged rappers because she wants to stay on top forever. I don’t see her reaching out to no one. So that’s why I fuck with I fucks with all the female artists such as Iggy, A. Banks, Honey Cocaine, 3D Na’Tee, Trina, Lola, Diamond, Brianna Perry, RyeRye, Shawnna Guyanna, Snow White etc. They all have either worked together or can actually rap but are overlook because of Nicki’s star power. I got faith in a few of em though. I just hope Nicki gets off her high horse before she DOES become bitter like Kim. And I’m afraid she already has. And “The Barbz” can get mad or what not but I do consider myself a big fan of Nicki. I once was a stan. But I like unity with female rappers. And Nicki’s not about that. Some of those artists I named some people probably never heard of. But give em a listen and you’ll like em. People need to learn how to expand their verizons. And I keep going on & on so let me stop…


    Meho Reply:

    @…, nope. tables didnt turn. look at other young female mc’s like for example azealia. she started first hating at nicki so she has right to say sth back. see my point WO

    Nicki wymiata, trzeba sie z tym pogodzić i tyle! ;)


    ... Reply:

    @Meho, no I don’t see your point. Since it was nicki who was throwing shots at Kim first. The same way you say azealia is “hating” on Nicki. Nicki was the one who came out attacking Kim when she was still a mixtape rapper. Looks the same to me.


    Oh Reply:

    @…, Ummm Nicki and Kim or two different times. Nicki and Azealia are out RIGHT NOW at the SAME TIME ! Kim was out 10 years ago and then tries to claim the throne with No new music, or anything to give her fans .


  5. cR00KS

    Wow :/ Nicki jocked Kim’s lyrics yet again, she just rearranged them a bit.


    Bougie Kid Reply:

    @cR00KS, Shut up! Kim didn’t invent words nor lines that been said.


    cR00KS Reply:

    @Bougie Kid, I never said she did! But it’s like Nicki has the audacity to disrespect a hip-hop veteran, call her washed up and bitter but yet she uses Kim’s lyrics and style, rearranges them a bit and thinks she is supreme.? I don’t get it, if Kim really is washed up then why does Nicki keep rewording her lyrics? Face the facts and hop of Minaj’s clit.


    cece Reply:

    @cR00KS, there is only so many ways to make a sentence. there are only so many words in the english language! shit! its not copying off another artist.!


  6. opd2

    Nicki took over the right side again 1-5.


  7. SdotB

    Nicki is so rude…when she looked at Miss Mikey like she was crazy and asked “r u okay?”…that was very awkward…

    Did anyone else notice that?


    shilla Reply:

    @SdotB, yep i noticed that same thing


  8. AllAmerykhanBoy

    Artists makes music for their fans NOT critics. Any approval they want to win, is their fans approvals.


  9. @taimiicel

    i loved this…
    im struggling to pick my fav song on the re-up i cant handle it i love every song


  10. Pour boomz RearzTues



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