Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head

T.I. Reveals ‘Trouble Man’ Cover Art, Tracklisting

There is no shortage of star power on T.I.’s eighth album Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head. The Atlanta rapper has revealed the illustrated cover art and star-studded tracklisting as part of his “Trouble Man Tuesdays” series.

The 16 tracks include appearances from Lil Wayne, R. Kelly, André 3000, Pink, CeeLo Green, Meek Mill, and more, plus production by Pharrell, No I.D., DJ Toomp, T-Minus, and Rico Love.

“I think it’s a lot more urban than Paper Trail, and less apologetic than No Mercy,” said Tip of the follow-up to his 2010 album. “I think it’s more diversified than T.I. vs. T.I.P. though. It’s got a lotta heart, it’s got a lotta edge. It’s a creative album. It’s probably harder than most of the shit that’s coming out right now.”

Trouble Man arrives just in time for the holidays on December 18. See the tracklisting below.

Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head Tracklisting

1. “The Introduction”
2. “G Season” feat. Meek Mill
3. “Trap Back Jumpin”
4. “Wildside” feat. A$AP Rocky
5. “Ball” feat. Lil Wayne
6. “Sorry” feat. André 3000
7. “Can You Learn” feat. R. Kelly
8. “Go Get It”
9. “Guns and Roses” feat. P!nk
10. “The Way We Ride”
11. “Cruisin'”
12. “Addresses”
13. “Hello” feat. CeeLo Green
14. “Who Want Some”
15. “Wonderful Life” feat. Akon
16. “Hallelujah”

  • Romeo


  • K

    This is going to make or break t.i. I wish I could ask him why not release guns and roses as the first single if its going to be big song every release from paper trail was a big record trouble man is slacking so far

  • yup i said it

    can’t wait

  • Mahad

    Tip wanted to release the song “Hallelujah” since 2010 it was also on his “King Uncaged” album tracklist…..
    Aww wheres the song with Kendrick “Somebody That I Used To Know” dang it woulda been dope….

  • A$VP Richie

    this looks good, he got great features on this


    Where’s ‘LOVE THIS LIFE’ ‘HERE YE, HERE YA (feat.Sk8brd’ and ‘I’M FLEXIN’

    T.i. is the most notorious for making videos for non-album making tracks

    And where is the song with Lana Del Rey


    Where’s the LANA DEL REY track?

  • Kyle

    That’s a sick ass album cover! Very artistic.

  • KeepItReal

    i dont understand why T.I (Cliff Huxtable)is trying to thuggin/hardcore again.. the public is tired of seeing him as soft in his personal life and “king of the trap” in his music.. pick a personality and stick to it

    • mahad

      @KeepItReal, he aint tryna thuggin bruh, theres a meaning behind that cover so dont be quick to judge da King u know wat ima sayin ma nig….
      the cover is da point of da title….along with da gun da things drawn n2 da gun has cause him ‘trouble’ is the KING bitchees… dec 18th

    • Jess

      @KeepItReal, This nigga couldn’t lick Cliff Huxtable’s shoe soles, BITCH. You tried, poor thing.

  • Pereezy YMCMB MMG

    King of The South

  • SEKinG

    I really hope this album is better than No Mercy. I hate saying that T.I. has fallen off, but he has.

  • ayub

    that cover tells you that “Who’s The King Of The South” Tip Finna make it hard for these niggaz to breathe out here T.I.P. Bitch…..

  • MEEET_


  • Shutterbug

    I dig it…it’s got that classic Western movie feel to it. (Note they even used the old Atlantic logo there)

    Looking forward to the album too…

  • Low Life

    that cover tells you that “Who’s The King Of The South” Tip Finna make it hard for these niggaz to breathe out here T.I.P. Bitch…..

  • James

    Troubleman is trending worldwide on twitter as you haterz continue to spread trash. T.I. and fell off don’t even belong in the same sentence! It’s the King bytch!!!!!!

  • rod718

    the name of the artist is bill sienkiewicz,,he did covers for epmd,kid cudi and rza..he’s really talented and need to supported by the hiphop commune

  • Wade

    THIS IS SO SICK! This one of those albums you have to buy and never open, hold it up in your room or your living room or something for show and tell then download the tracks lol.

    • Romeo

      @Wade, lol

  • D. Kellz

    Ill be waiting to hear the song with R. Kelly I’m sure that will be a great song. And also the album as well, much respect to T.I. Keep up the good work and family business.

  • lilsamzoners

    the album cover is fucking dope! great and artistic!!

  • christ

    damnnnn my nigga come to break long live to the king of south that shit is goin platinum belive me

  • christ

    finally this album will be the best of t.i. for real more than paper trail this album is already another platinum

  • lhBADA$$

    love this life!!!!

  • mas

    all dope everything…wish t.i release guns and roses as the next single asap

  • Heather

    I haven’t liked any of the singles he’s released so far … so I’ll be glad when he releases snippets. If anything, the P!nk song should be dope.

    • CJHJ

      @Heather, you didn’t like ‘Go Get It’ :O

  • christ

    as my opinion all the tracks on it are real killers

  • The Beast

    6, 7, and 9 are gonna be sick collabs

  • divinebrown

    The cover looks like a movie poster #dope

  • Music Listener

    Really looking forward to this!

    BUT, where’s the song with Usher produced by Rico Love?
    (The song they previewed/recorded on his show.)
    Deluxe Album, I hope.

    In terms of quality, I feel like this will be better than Cruel Summer.

  • Hi

    Looking forward to this album!

    BUT, where’s the track with Usher produced by Rico Love?
    They recorded/previewed it on T.I.’s show: The Family Hustle.

    Deluxe Version perhaps?

  • LouisDaKing

    its PHENOMENAL !!! can’t wait TROUBLE MAN !!!

  • chris

    t.i. new song sorry feat andre 3000 out go on youtube and its on i tunes