Video: The Game f/ Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – ‘Celebration (Remix)’

Celebration (Remix)

As Thanksgiving ends and Black Friday begins, Game drops the video for his remix to “Celebration” featuring Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. The Compton MC sampled the Cleveland group’s hit “1st of tha Month” on the original song, which will appear on his fifth album Jesus Piece, due December 11.

“Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving & went in on all that good food,” wrote Game. “But as we approach Black Friday I wanted to hit you with this #ThanksgivingService as a special holiday edition of my #SundayService series with the ‘Celebration’ remix video.”

Put the purp in the blunt and let the good times roll.

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  1. Jackie L

    These musty apes need to stay out of the studio. – white power


    Nick Reply:

    @Jackie L, lol.

    It’s too early for this.


    jerry Reply:

    @Nick, evil doesnt sleep.


    SNKR_FRKR Reply:

    @Jackie L,

    You are a WASTE of this worlds oxygen!!!!!!


  2. An0thrDream

    MAJOR props to Game

    Bone Thugz N Harmony are LIVING LEGENDS!!! Love the Easy-E tribute too – Bone thugs, daaamn #CLASSIC #EPIC


  3. Pereezy.Tunechi YMCMB MMG

    R.I.P Eazy E… BTH Much Love,
    Game Great Job


  4. lick da kitty

    love it, cant wait till the album


  5. pete

    that was great to see born thugz out there


  6. D. Kellz

    Good to see Bone Thugs all together they are a legendary group and ill even say the top legendary rap group much respect to Game for this and maybe Bone thugs can make a classic album again soon. Keep the good music coming like Krazy shirt says “LESS DRAMA AND MORE MUSIC”


  7. TheMusiqKid26

    It would be sweet if they gave away or auctioned off that painting of eazy-e…and idk if i’m late or what but since when did bone thugs get a 5th member!?


    956 Reply:

    @TheMusiqKid26,thats Flesh N Bone,they always had 5 members,he was in prison from 2000 to 2008.


  8. Girl Bye

    how do the game’s label come up with the money to get these nice collabs (and get him on collabs) as many times as he flopped…still nice to hear bone thugs n harmony on a track..together…props to the game


    hood Reply:

    @Girl Bye, alot of his collabs are just relationships he build over the years.he aint paying everybody to do a song with him


  9. 956

    @TheMusiqKid26 thats Flesh N Bone,they always had 5 members,he was in prison from 2000 to 2008.


  10. Ruthy

    That remix should have been official instead. Shame it’s not on the CD


  11. Say What?

    So goooooooodd. Whoo hoo. Whoo hoo-oooo


  12. Pour boomz RearzTues

    dope remix


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