Kanye West, Chris Brown, & Mariah Carey Celebrate Michael Jackson’s Legacy on ‘Bad 25′ Special

Michael Jackson

As the turkey was finished and the last slice of pumpkin pie was cut, families across America gathered around the television on Thanksgiving night to watch the ABC News documentary “Michael Jackson: Bad 25.”

Director Spike Lee shined a spotlight on the King of Pop’s iconic album Bad, with commentary from those he inspired including Mariah Carey, Kanye West, Chris Brown, CeeLo Green, and Justin Bieber.

Kanye reflected on MJ’s trendsetting fashion in the “Bad” video. “I think the ‘Bad’ moment outfit-wise was far more influential than the ‘Thriller’ moment,” said ‘Ye. “I almost dress like that today.”

The one-hour special also included live performances and never-before-seen footage of the King of Pop making his historic album.

Watch the full broadcast and experience the genius of Michael Jackson.

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  2. youbmad

    I watched last night and I thought spike did a good job; Its amazing to see the process and story behind the whole bad album.


  3. Tev

    Damn I missed it last nite


  4. DRB

    I need to see the whole thing. A 2 hour film edited down to an hour, no bueno.


  5. Laurin

    I thought Justin bieber was supposed to be in it….


    relly Reply:

    @Laurin, “Bad 25″ is a film over 2 hours that was in theaters a month ago. ABC just aired it for the holiday and cut down over an hour of it (because it has commercials ) So mostly only the talk of the singles stayed since that what everyone knows. Justin Bieber may have talked about another part of the “Bad” album so his fans who wish to see his part or anyone who wants to see the whole movie has to buy it in February.


  6. Ana

    Kanye talking about Smooth Criminal loool


  7. Lauren

    Forever The King. RIP Mike.


  8. yup i said it

    i missed half of it last night :(


  9. Hugh


    Long live Michael Jackson


  10. Andy

    STOP SUCKING MJ C0CK!!! I swear, most of this b*tches didn’t even care about him when he was alive but now that he is dead everyone jumps to say “RIP MJ, BEST SINGER OF THE HISTORY, KING OF POP” Fakes!!!


    bigtymer Reply:

    @Andy, I agree with you, people talked about him bad when he was here, but soon as he died: people crying, RIP Mike,etc,. i loved Mike when i was a kid myself but I swear these SHEEP(weren’t even born when he was making hits)


    Yasmine Reply:

    @Andy, Speak for yourself, please. You don’t know nothing about any of the people who loved Mike.


    Andy Reply:

    @Yasmine, I SAID MOST, and probably the ones “who loved Mike” hated him soon as they know about the RUMORS about his sexual preferences, his supposedly drug addiction and that he APPARENTLY bleached his skin.

    I was a stupid kid who also believed that stupid rumors. That’s why I don’t kiss MJ a$$, but when people of today talk about the same old and false rumors I come in defense of MJ.


    Sebastian Reply:

    @Andy, Guilty parties also yell ‘foul’ first.


  11. eddie



  12. aaliyah

    It was sad seeing all these grown men get teary eyed when talking about his death.


  13. Pour boomz RearzTues



  14. Adi

    There will never b another Michael the king Jackson again….don’t forget what the press did to him is still going on to other victims they chose. Who’s bad?


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