New Music: Fabolous f/ Cassie & Trey Songz – ‘Diced Pineapples’

Fabolous and Trey Songz

Fabolous provided the soundtrack to Thanksgiving with his new mixtape Soul Tape 2. In addition to collaborations with J. Cole, Wale, Pusha T, Joe Budden, and Teyana Taylor, one of the standout cuts is a remix to Rick Ross’ “Diced Pineapples.”

Instead of Drake and Wale, Loso’s version features Cassie and Trey Songz. The Bad Boy hottie coos the suggestive hook over the Cardiak beat, while Loso and Trigga rhyme about their girls.

Listen to the trio chop it up below.

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  1. Mariah2013

    this my shit. love fab, love cass


    DntJugdeHim Reply:

    @Mariah2013, Cassie killed …… Fab is aight he voice doesn’t fit like it should have fitted…

    *Trey Songz :is a mess !!!! He needs his ASs Kicked !!!

    …..This isn’t the best verison


  2. Pereezy.Tunechi YMCMB MMG

    Tri Tri Trigga Cassie and Loso Killed it, Great Remix. I Love It.
    Damn! I Love When Trigga Get Into RapS**t.


  3. Real Sh!t




    I don’t understand why in the hell these 3 fools decided do this! I just don’t..
    This is stupid and a waste of time in a studio!
    Fabulous you don’t make a real good song in years, just sayin..
    Trey… Stop with the rap, you are a singer, you’re not a Rapper! -.-
    Cassie, honey, just because Diddy gave a boobs job, doesn’t mean that grew talent in you, believe me, you didn’t born for the music, your only hit is and will always be “me & you”.


    jokermon Reply:

    @MY_OPINION, …I don’t quite get your comment about Trey. He is whoever he decides to be as long as he does it. He’s been rapping longer than singing so he qualified to be labeled as a rapper.


  5. BAD

    Hot track! I was skeptical of Cassie, but she actually sounds — dare I say it…..fitting…on this track.

    Good shit!


  6. Miszi

    I love Fabolous verses however Trey’s was just okay and Cassie…well the hook is horrible. I prefer Tyga’s remix by far.


  7. NavyBaby

    Hmmmmmm Cassie sounds OK. Better than drake


    LEW Reply:

    @NavyBaby, Right!


  8. LEW

    I like this version alot! Fab did his thing as usual! Cant wait until he drop an official album! Trey’s verse was nice! Just a lil too long but nice. Cassie sounded good good! Hope this version hits radio!


  9. nite

    This is horrible. Cassie sounds a mess and squeaky. And whoever said she sounded better than Drake needs to get their ears check. I wish someone would tell her to stop.


    Prez Reply:

    @nite, I think the squeaky pitch is autotune. Just a hunch. Fab sounds good. Trey’s verse was too long. Cassie won’t stop so long as she’s with Diddy. I prefer this to the original


    Queen bee Reply:

    @nite, dumb hoe she sounds better than drake
    Every1 has their on opinion
    I like cassie onda hook


  10. Ding Ding

    are we really gonna start hating on fab nw
    really @MY_OPINION
    cme on douche! and trey shudnt rap coz u think so???? who cares wat YOU think???
    we meant to comment on the track itself not your personal shit that u have against the artist!!


  11. credits

    Cassie is horrible on the hook….Where is Keri when you need her?


    Pour boomz RearzTues Reply:

    @credits, u a hater


    bijan Reply:

    @credits, this is way better than the original.
    rick ross doesn’t make good sex songs


  12. RoyalTprod

    Okay song loving the mixtape fab…this got him a gud buzz well deserved thou cuz i thnk this is the sound n production he needs ss


  13. destinynavarro

    hey baby


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