Sneak Peek: Chrisette Michele – ‘Fair Lady’

Chrisette Michele

Earlier in the week, Chrisette Michele debuted her new song “Fair Lady.” Now she offers a teaser of the visuals for the guitar-driven track, which will appear on Audrey Hepburn: An Audiovisual Experience. The songstress travels to Paris in the black-and-white clip and rocks out with Guitar Slayer.

Due December 8, the mixtape will feature appearances from 2 Chainz (“Charades”) and Wale (“Rich Hopster”).

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  1. DntJugdeHim

    Hot mess PERIOD !!


    Tel Reply:

    @DntJugdeHim, you sound like a hater


  2. Glamour Puss

    Not feeling anything from this project thus far.


  3. Asa

    I don’t know how I feel about her latest stuff. I’ll reserve judgement.


  4. ILoveIt

    I love that she is having fun and experimenting with different things. One key thing she said, she wants to have fun and step outside the box with this. I love anyone who dares to be different. December 8th. I can’t wait!!!


  5. Hesham

    I like the concept of her new do, but not the ouctome. Big, natural hair is incredible, and the look can be achieved by a wig or a weave, but color, hair texture, and length have to be taken into consideration also. Quite frankly, I think her new do looks fake, and if done right it really wouldn’t. Didn’t she shave her head not too long ago, or am I confusing her with someone else?


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