Kanye West and Lil Wayne Perform at DJ Khaled’s Birthday

Lil Wayne, Fat Joe, Kanye West, Diddy, and French Montana

DJ Khaled’s motto is “We the Best,” so it was only right that he had two of the best MCs in the game perform at his birthday party at LIV Miami over Thanksgiving weekend. Yeezy got on the mic for “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” and “I Wish You Would” as Khaled played hypeman before Weezy and the YMCMB crew stormed the stage for “No Worries.”

“We up here for this ni**a Khaled. We fu**s with him hard. He’s a serious movement in this music shit. That’s my motherfu**in’ brother,” said Tunechi.

Diddy, French Montana, Busta Rhymes, Timbaland, and Fat Joe were also among the stars who came out to celebrate with the birthday boy.

Photo via Instagram

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  1. Mrunhateable

    Is it me or does weezy have a closet full of that outfit?? Weezy actually looking decent lol I need a weezy kanye album


  2. C94B

    Hilarious shit, the strippers actually dance to “Jesus Walks”


  3. Kanye is god

    Jesus Walks for the win.


  4. Hate Nicki

    Khaled needs to lost some weight. He will die soon


    gurlal Reply:

    @Hate Nicki, are you a doctor? Are you threatening Mr. Khaled? He’s probably skinnier than you seeing as you hate Nicki Manaj. Do you hate fat people? What are you, Racist? Listen to some of DJ Khaled’s music, its off the hook. Just remember, eat your green vegetables.


    pour Boomz RearTue Reply:

    @Hate Nicki, shut your hater butt head up


  5. Prophetic Message

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