Miguel Performs ‘Adorn’ on ‘Ellen’


Miguel stepped outside the box during his funky performance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Clad in a red suit, the R&B crooner stood inside a red picture frame along with his band while singing his hit single “Adorn.” He eventually made his way into the audience and showed off some fancy footwork. Check out his thrilling set below.

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  1. America Most Wanted

    Adorn is a song that we will be singing for years. Miguel is also a GREAT performer.



    Miguel is a great recording artist, but is the dumbest live! He does uneccessary things – I really don’t understand. Jumping and shaking out of time of the beat and he looks like his about to start twerkng! Not to forget his vocals weren’t that tight. Chill out and just sing!!!


    Heather Reply:

    @#BEENTRILL, DEAD @ twerking!


    BBoy Reply:

    @#BEENTRILL, You are so right! lol dead.


  3. NAVI

    great performance, those foot movements >


  4. Jackie Rayne

    Miguel has grown a significant amount on me. I love that he could be new Prince! Baby can sang, bring back real R&B!


  5. Arie

    I hate to say this but Usher needs to worry about Miguel on the RnB front instead of competing with Chris on the Pop front. At this rate these dudes will completely wipe him out and he is too talented to allow that to happen. I still say he needs to make that pit stop at JD’s house or if that house is completely in 4closure he needs to contact Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.If none of this works I say he needs to book a stage in Vegas it would be less stressful than watching these youngsters shine on his watch.


  6. Ken Evolution

    decent… not blown away by the performance. He is a little too cocky for his own good, some humility and learning the meaning of being humble will o his heart justice.


  7. pour Boomz RearTue



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