New Music: Dez – ‘Real Talk’ [Mixtape]

Real Talk

R&B newcomer Dez knows how to make a first impression. The Virginia-bred singer, born Dezmond Armstead, caters to the ladies on his debut mixtape Real Talk. The 14 tracks feature the single “We Ride,” along with an appearance from Ma$e (“Can’t Get Enough”).

Inspired by Usher and Bobby Brown, Dez moved to Los Angeles after high school and linked up with production duo The Movement (Justin Bieber, Jesse McCartney), who helmed the project.

Real Talk is more than just songs to entertain and make money,” said Dez. “It’s pieces of who I am and the things I’ve gone through. It’s about the real things we all go through. The genuine and non-genuine decisions we make for love. It’s my hope, my light, my mistakes and my hate.”

Stream Real Talk below.

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  1. realtalk29

    This mixtape is dope! MA$E!!!


  2. LizzieS

    Real Talk! Glad this is finally out. We’ve been waiting Dez! :/


  3. CaliCt

    Incredible Mixtape this Kid is the next #realtalk


  4. Chantelle

    He took soooo long to put this out, but wow!!! Up to my expectations! Sounds like true R&B not that dancy mess


  5. Bougie Kid

    I’m in love! This mix tape is a great.


    Bougie Kid Reply:

    @Bougie Kid, *Ignore the ‘a’.


  6. covinaGurl

    Love the feel of the mixtape. Real R&B! Definitely reminds me of Bobby Brown.


  7. whome

    Really in luv with the mase track hope he drops a video


  8. Jennifer

    Yesssss u did it Dez i luv it and can’t wait to bump it in the car


  9. Yasmine

    I really don’t know who he is, but he’s gained a new fan! Real R&B music! Definitely downloading this.


  10. georgia23

    I’ve never heard of him but I LOVE this mixtape… Not really a track that you can skip. It’s all cohesive, there aren’t a lot of different sounds so it’s an easy laid back listen. He balances well between the more laid back songs and just as well with the upbeat ones… I haven’t really found anything wrong with him or the mixtape and that’s a good thing because I’m picky. I have already downloaded all the tracks including the covers. I hope to hear more from him.


  11. breezyswife

    I love love love Reality Check. That first verse just happened to me :0. REAL TALK! LOLLLLLL


  12. yessss

    Finally some real R&B!


  13. lyrical_ty

    AWESOME!!!!!! Good job Rap-up


  14. Moukhtar

    where can you download this ??


  15. T Love

    Wow this is crazy! This dude is the next. Lyrics, the beats, dude got vocals. Halfway Nigga is crazy. ha ha I can relate.


  16. T Love

    Crazy this dude is gonna be big this mixtape is gonna be big. Love every joint. But Halfway Nigga is me. LOL


  17. Pour Rearz Boomztue

    dope Mixtape and this mixtape is gonna be Bigger mixtape that the fans ever recive


  18. jay dixon

    real music never dies, and best of all he a humble kid…. too talented!!! biggest shouts to THE MOVEMENT


  19. Tomi Jones

    This whole project is AMAZING!!! From the vocals to the lyrics and most certainly the tracks are Bananas!!! Dez you are in excellent hands with THE MOVEMENT! I wish you much success and continued Blessings!


  20. soulwoman

    listen to it for weeks. nice work.


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