Eminem Invites Big Sean to the Studio

Big Sean and Eminem

Big Sean is one step closer to collaborating with his hometown idol. Eminem has reached out to his fellow Detroit rapper about logging some studio time.

“Em reached out to me and was like, ‘Come to the studio. Come hang out when you get a chance,’” Sean told Tim Westwood during his trip to the U.K. “We gonna make that happen. That’s the legend right there.”

While it’s unknown when they’ll link up, Sean is moving forward with his sophomore album Hall of Fame, due out at the end of February.

He recently shot a video for the first single “Guap” in Detroit, shutting down Woodward Avenue for a parade. “It was a big homecoming for me. I never shot a video where the whole city came out,” he said. “We had girls dancing in feather suits. It was nuts, man.”

Would you like to see a Big Sean-Eminem collaboration? Let us know!

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  1. jjjlalalalalalajsdhsjsd

    Fire!! Fire!! Fire!!!! *Beavis Voice*


  2. iller

    D TOWN.. you know thats going to be a big hit (well on Em’s part)


  3. Neickha

    wow… really Marshall?


  4. tiago

    Everytime ass, is it ?


  5. french

    fkk big sean !! eminem is better than big sean ! i don t want eminem collabored with big sean ! big sean his misic is bad ! from french !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. AIGHT

    honestly i dont hear em and sean on one record,their flows too different.


  7. lakeshore

    Ya’ll do remember Em did a song called “Romans Revenge” with Nicki minaj right? if he can work with her, he surely can cook up some fire sh*t with sean. stop hatin’


  8. TRA

    I believe Big Sean is a decent rapper, but I don’t believe Big Sean is a great rapper. I don’t believe Big Sean is a great rapper, but I don’t believe Big Sean is a terrible rapper either. Eminem is one of the top 100 greatest rappers of all-time, and arguably the greatest mainstream rapper ever, I have no problem with Eminem doing a song with Big Sean. If Eminem can do a song with Nicki Minaj, then Eminem has the right to do a song with Big Sean. There are plenty of rappers in hip hop who are doing hip hop music that is far worse than Big Sean. It’s funny how people hate on Big Sean’s music, but they don’t hate on Big Sean when he is doing songs with Kanye West, I think that is both funny and hypocritical.


    Vulox Reply:

    @TRA, listen to Eminem’s lastest tracks and tell me he is still one of the greatest.


  9. DetroitG

    SMH Em & BIG Sean would be dope you need to listen to his non mainstream shit, he can spit Em can work with anybody, Nicki, Wayne, Drake, Pink, Rihanna, Skylar Grey, Akon, Game, Yelawolf come on now quit hating and enjoy the music you illegally download


  10. Lebron

    Nah I’m cool on that. Big Sean is ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS!


  11. emde

    Quit the bullshit hating. If eminem has a reason to do a song with big sean. Just Shut up and wait.


  12. Slim shady ..

    Eminem is better than big sean….Legends sing with legends…not with hippies..


  13. Pour Rearz Boomztue

    Amazing crowd


  14. eminemfan

    ok obviously eminem is better than big sean but i honistly would like to see them do a collab cuz well i love eminem and i do know all the lyrics to “dance ass” and his parts of “mercy” and “cilque” so ya it would be cool :)


  15. Rod

    Em will hopefully rip Sean like he usually does other rappers and Sean will realize he has to step it up. Then this track will be fire. I believe Sean has potential to carry on the torch.


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