New Music: Marsha Ambrosius – ‘Cold War’

Cold War

Love is a battlefield for Marsha Ambrosius. The British songstress marches to the front lines of love on “Cold War,” produced by Diplo and Picard Brothers.

“This is a cold war we’re fighting and neither one of us wanna surrender ’cause we’re slowly dying,” cries out Marsha.

The song will be released to iTunes on December 11, while her sophomore album Friends & Lovers is due next year.

“You can expect me to be a complete asshole on one album,” she told Rap-Up TV. “Honestly and openly, the expressions of a woman, a very honest woman, and I’m not taking any prisoners.”

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  1. LOLatHaters

    I like!


  2. Xtina

    Cold Flop


    Brittpie Reply:

    @Xtina, you doing me soooo dirty, cold flop, flop above LOL


    King_Kuntry Reply:

    @Xtina, Like Xtina doing 73k first week???


  3. DRB

    Usher/Janelle Monae and not as good as her usual work.


  4. Ice



  5. Kyle

    I LOVE MARSHA! This song is pretty good. The chorus is awesome but the verses are so-so. I can’t wait for her new album! I hope it comes out soon.


  6. King_Kuntry

    Love it!!


  7. @jwalksonwater

    a climax rip off.. diplo stay with the wash rinse repeat


  8. Asa

    I love it.

    Haters stay pressed.


  9. TJ

    Vocal arrangements on this one has no cadence. Doesn’t make me wanna give a second listen at all. & I loved Marsha ever since her Patti Labelle cover on the BET Awards as a solo artist. Not to mention her days with Floetry but this is….. [ ._.]


  10. TrueMusicSeeker

    This is definitely not a flop. I love it. Read the comments and almost passed it up thinking it was going to be a “radio song” thank God I didn’t pass on it!


  11. Pour Rearz Boomztue

    some of yall flop hater can shut up & keep it moving, this is a wonderful Cold War Music


  12. Bey Mad

    i liked it! excited about her next album. at least somebody is giving that genuine R&B.


  13. Very disappointed

    I luv Marsha but this song is horrible stick to your roots sweetheart. This song should be on a whack 007 sound track. I’m very disappointed with this song she can’t give us LNEM’s, and the two best damn mixed tapes ever with Yours Sincerely and Yours truly and then think we are going to settle for this COLD FLOP as stated before. That’s a negative!


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