Wiz Khalifa Talks Marriage, Weed, and Becoming a Dad with Larry King

Larry King and Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa sat down with Larry King for a candid conversation on his talk show web series “Larry King Now.” The Taylor Gang leader opened up about getting married to Amber Rose, becoming a father (he’s having a boy early next year), and why he smokes “tons” of weed. He even got the 79-year-old host to agree to try his signature weed, Khalifa Kush.

On his relationship with Snoop Dogg: “He’s like everybody’s big brother, but I got a relationship with him to the point where I never even thought it would come true or it would happen.”

On the effects of marijuana: “It makes me feel like I can get everything done in the right order. … If I think I’m doing better, then it’s working on my brain. It actually makes other people think I’m doing good too.”

On his marijuana-related arrests: “You pay the cost to be the boss. It should be legal everywhere, but me as one individual, I’m not going to make them think it should be legal. As many times as they’re gonna slap the cuffs on me, they’re gonna do it, but at the end of the day, they know what they can and can’t do.”

On his marriage to Amber Rose: “We’re gonna get married before she has the baby and then do the wedding afterwards.”

On becoming a dad: “I can’t wait. To have a little me running around, it’s gonna be tight.”

Watch Khalifa meet the King below.

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  1. Rico



    richie Reply:

    @Rico, sad


  2. Issa

    They gonna give that baby weed instead of milk.


    Me Reply:

    @Issa, And if they do, that’s their business, not yours.


    Issa Reply:

    @Me, Is that you, Amber?


  3. DRB

    As a soon to be father (and “husband”, “adult”, and someone with common sense), your response is “no big deal, I’ll keep going to jail.” Anybody else see a problem with that.


  4. You Mad 'Cause I Don't D--k-Ride Ya Fave?

    I just can’t see how anyone can have a child with a cricket…I mean drug addict. She doesn’t even smoke and he is heavily tattooed, in twenty years does she still want to wake up next to that? He seems very immature and unready to be responsible for a baby, I know he won’t stop smoking. I’ve never smoked, but a drug is a drug, babies need parents who are sober


    You mad bro? Reply:

    @You Mad ‘Cause I Don’t D–k-Ride Ya Fave?,

    DA F*** you on? weed is a herb. just cause your whack ass government classifies it as a drug you hate it. hey you know those songs you’re listening to on your ipod/mp3 player, they are illegal to but yet you still listen to them. why you hating on someone who’s better then you?


  5. Pour Rearz Boomztue

    why are yall so worry about him smoking weed & going to jail does that Borther you he ain’t paying your phone bill or Food bill. Nice interview


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