Behind the Video: Skylar Grey f/ Eminem – ‘C’mon Let Me Ride’

Skylar Grey and Eminem

Skylar Grey swings through a Detroit-area trailer park in the video for “C’mon Let Me Ride,” the first single from her upcoming debut Don’t Look Down. The singer-songwriter is joined by her co-star Eminem and some of the residents, who introduce themselves and cook up a squirrel on the grill.

“Why does everyone think I’m from a fu**ing trailer park? Why can’t I not break that stereotype?” laughs Em. “I’ve lived in them, many of them, for years. But that doesn’t mean I’m from a trailer park.”

The full video will premiere on December 11. Go behind the scenes below.

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  1. Dodo

    Why she switch up her style? anything to sell records..





    flawda Reply:

    @THEDON, Did Jay, Nas, Scarface, Andre 3000 die? Eminem ain’t nowhere near best rapper alive with his weak ass catalog.


  3. Steez

    Skylar basically turned herself into an Eminem groupie. What a waste.


  4. pete



  5. J



  6. randy

    Won’t the real skyler gray please stand up


  7. JMr.ump Pousz

    who is she I never heard of her before


  8. Hate Nicki

    1st time I heard this song I was like .. hell no. Right now, after watching this, I think I like it. And Eminem is cute as fu*KKK


  9. A$VP Richie

    i like em. he aint in my top 5 dead or alive but probably top 10


  10. Tony

    Em is better than Jay, Andre doesn’t have solo stuff to compare, and he’s more noteworthy than scarface lets be honest. nas is the only person who could be considered at the same level or better than em. jay has released one good album the past ten years *american gangster, yet ppl still want to crown him. ludicrous. hip hop heads won’t crown him because he’s white.they need to get over it. as for the weak catalog, hes only released 7 albums, and only 2 of them were critically considered weak. jay has released 11 albums, and i only bump 4 of them.


    Jay Reply:

    @Tony, Yeah but Eminem released 3 good albums and 4 shit albums… Black Album, Reasonable Doubt, American Gangster, Blueprint > Eminems carreer.


    Steez Reply:

    @Tony, Eminem hasn’t released a good album in 10 years either.


    poop Reply:

    @Tony, em hasnt made anything noteworthy in a decade


  11. Nasra

    Soon come, he will release another album next year. and i cant wait !! hope he does a tour aswell and comes london!!!! He looked hella cute in this. red hat suits him. i just love him. End of.


  12. Tony

    @Steez eminem didnt even make an album from 2004-2009 so…that point is invalid. Relapse was a bad album, and recovery was a good album. Encore was an average album, but still had great songs on it like toy soldiers, mosh, mockingbird ect. encore and relapse are the two critically panned albums i was talking about. infinite, the SSLP, MMLP, Eminem Show, and Recovery are all good to great albums.


  13. Tony

    @Jay, and those 4 albums you mentioned are coincidentally the only good jay albums out of 11. eminem is a better rapper than Jay and its really not that close honestly. Jay had complex rhyme schemes on RD and that was about it. eminem is more complex than Jay has ever been, puts more of his life into his music without talking about superficial things, and sells more records than Jay as well with less albums out. Jay has better beats than eminem honestly so ppl forget that Jay really isn’t talking about shit on his albums. I’ve listened to the BP so many times now that I’ve come to realize the only songs that aren’t shallow are song cry, Heart of the City, and U don’t know. Oh yea…and how do you explain Jay not even having the best verse on his own classic album?…*See Renegade


  14. Jay

    I can’t wait for this video!!! I love Skylar Grey and my boi Em is the greatest!!!! I am really feeling this song!! The video looks like it’s gonna be fun. And the part with Em saying, “why does everyone think I’m from a trailer park?” hahaha Em I think it’s because of the 8 Mile movie. I freaking grew up in Detroit and I always thought that too. haha Any ways, can’t wait for the video!!! :)


  15. IDC

    Eminem’s last good album was The Eminem Show. Now all he does is jump on garbage tracks by the likes of Pink, Rihanna and this awful crap by Skylar who should hike on back to her cabin in the woods and stay there.


  16. Tony

    @IDC lol, cmon give Skyer a chance, her fans tell me that this is a bad representation of her. if you really think that’s all em does though then i don’t think you’ve actually listened to his body of work since the eminem show.


  17. Skillz

    Mehn!! y’all say whatchu wanna…. Shady’s the best anytime, anyday… Nas is the don” comparing Em to Jay, lemme refer y’all to —-=¿¡] Renegade one more time.


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