Pink Covers Alicia Keys’ ‘Girl on Fire’


From one pop superstar to the next. During her visit to BBC Radio 1 “Live Lounge,” Pink blazed the mic with a rocking cover of Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire.” The pop-rocker put her own spin on the female anthem, which received the stamp of approval from Alicia herself.

“Pink Your cover of #AKGirlOnFire made my DAY!!! Sending you much love!!!” she tweeted.

Is Pink’s cover hot or not? Sound off below.

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  1. KenBarbUK

    Its suits her voice


  2. RAH RAH

    She did amazing! This song fit her voice, perfectly. And she sounded a lot like Alicia. Slighty better, tbh.


    Say What? Reply:

    @RAH RAH, exactly. This could have easily been her song. Just feels right.





  4. Speechless

    This should have been her song!


  5. Kyle

    WOAH!!!! I never really thought of it but this song suits P!NK so well. She did an amazing job like she ALWAYS does. One of the best musicians in the music industry IMO. She has had one hell of an amazing career.


  6. geo

    This is what the song sounds like in the right Key! Alicia just screams…. Kudos Pink


  7. deelee

    love it!!


  8. LAtimes

    trash before. still trash now.


  9. Unapologetic

    It suits P!nk better I think this could have gone higher then what Alicia Keys did with with it


  10. Joey

    I hate Pink, I really really hate her. But damn, I have to admit this sounds amazing. Her voice is much better for this song. When Alicia does it live she just screams and annoys me the whole song.

    Shoulda been Pinks song!


  11. Morgan

    Much better .. not that Alicia sang it bad, but it just sounds weird for her. Pink killed it, though. Love them both.


  12. A'ron

    Pink did good. Brought it back to the R&B she started with but put her rock flare on it, too. People shouldn’t be hating. I’m sure Pink loves Alicia’s rendition of the song or she wouldn’t have covered that. We’ve heard her say several times in interviews that no one will ever hear her sing a Christina Aguilera song. So simply put: if she don’t like it she won’t sing it. I think it was a great cover of an already great song! Now who wants to see these two on stage TOGETHER performing this song? This guy right here does!


  13. shayla

    omg! pink killed it…. looove alicia keys though!


  14. flysly

    this def shoulda been Pink’s song.


  15. Sonya

    Nice compliment from Pink but Alicia kills this song and no one can sing it better.


  16. KayeV

    thats how the song should sound to be honest , i love Alicia but this suits Pink . im diggin this version big time


  17. djdjek

    She nailed it.


  18. aliciasahomewrecka

    alicia’s career will go downhill. 161k is a major flop at number 1.

    Pink sound 10 times better than whoraliciakeys


  19. Hugh

    Does sound alot like Alicia, but much better LIVE. Pink is the best live vocalist in decades


  20. g

    can’t wait to hear guns and roses!


  21. Blah

    I love Alicia’s Fire song. Lol, Isn’t Pink’s name is also Alicia?


    tell'em Reply:



    Asa Reply:

    @Blah, P!nk said “and we have the same name” or something to that affect as to why she chose this song. That being the ‘second’ reason.


  22. MSD

    good but kinda fast


  23. Jay-Me

    It’s ok.


  24. notYourBussinness

    Much better than Keys.. Pink killed it live.. while Alicia in that MTV awards couldn’t barely breath/sing.. here’s where a performer shows its skills and pink is much better live performer than keys..


  25. saskia

    the 2 best singers in my world!!
    love it love it love it so so so much! :-)


  26. JL

    Pink rocked the heck out of this. Occasionally covers are better than the original, definitely the case here.


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