Rihanna, Bruno Mars, & Justin Bieber Perform at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


Sex was in the air at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Bruno Mars provided the soundtrack as the world’s hottest supermodels ripped the runway in lingerie during the annual affair, which aired last night on CBS.

RiRi took the stage in a stunning black gown and pearl necklace to perform her No. 1 single “Diamonds,” getting hands on with the supermodels including Doutzen Kroes. She strut down the catwalk to her new song “Phresh Out the Runway,” giving the models a run for their money.

Dressed in all white, Justin Bieber had the models singing along as he performed “Beauty and a Beat,” sitting down at the piano for an acoustic rendition of “As Long As You Love Me.”

And not to be outdone, Bruno Mars seduced the supermodels with his charm and hits “Locked Out of Heaven” and “Young Girls” off his upcoming album Unorthodox Jukebox.

Peep all the performances (and eye candy) below.

Rihanna – “Diamonds”

Rihanna – “Phresh Out the Runway”

Bruno Mars – “Locked Out of Heaven”

Bruno Mars – “Young Girls”

Justin Bieber – “Beauty and a Beat”

Justin Bieber – “As Long As You Love Me”

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  1. C

    Rihanna and Bruno Mars rocked. Bieber was just terrible…

    But damn, Rihanna hit those keys well!


  2. WayneRules2012

    First!! Riri’s needs a vocal coach forreal


  3. @taimiicel

    Omg I loved rihanna a performances





  5. Meme

    I honestly believe these performances were lip sync. Both rihanna n Bruno sound amazing and neither of them are great live performers. But either way they did a great job. Rihanna was everything.


    #BEENTRILL Reply:




    Nina Reply:

    @Meme, Bruno’s a great live performer. If you see him in concert, you’ll realise that there’s more to him than catching grenades lol! Just check out his recent performance at SNL, and even non-fans were commenting that he has a great voice. I ain’t a huge fan of the other 2 artists, but they all sang live in the show (JB had backing track vocals though, whilst performing but that was probably because he was dancing). It was just edited heavily afterwards, so that they can show clips from backstage as well (i.e. it was dubbed).


    jessica Reply:

    @Meme, They were singing live, I saw fan videos of their performances like month ago before the the show aired and it was obvious they were singing live, plus bruno is an amazing live performer, and didn’t you see how bad justin was because trust me if they didn’t sing live justin will be the first one to lip sync.


  6. common

    damm that chick rihanna s so fly… and those models are super sexy


  7. @Jayrican18

    Rihanna was givin those models a run for they money haha





  9. Felipe

    That black outfit, damn, Rih that’s one for the books


  10. boom boom

    Rihanna on that runway >>>>>>>>
    watch out VS models


  11. Eroc

    Rihanna’s vocals on “diamonds”>>>>>> she has REALLY stepped her shit up


  12. Audrey Hepburn

    Fashion, Fun, & Fenty. What more could one ask for? :)


    Righteous Reply:

    @Audrey Hepburn, since when the f**k was that fashion…. Bitch ….you need an education.


    Righteous Reply:

    @Righteous, yeah…I didn’t think so !


  13. VigilantCitizen

    Anyone who believes that these performances were live and/or are in a pure unedited form lack perception. Rhianna could never sound like that live. Simply look at her other performances for this song and you will notice the altering and added sound effects. It’s really disappointing to me that people look at this and question nothing. The rampant mediocrity in the music industry is our fault because we do not demand anything greater. People don’t recognize talent. People recognize what they don’t have which is confidence, sexiness, and power, which Rihanna displays I’m abundance. I think Rihanna is a star but she should not be honored as a heavy weight talent, which for some reason she had tricked the masses into believing.


    MusicJunkie Reply:

    @VigilantCitizen, lol ‘ * rihanna could never sound like that * that was funny but soo true


    Axam Reply:

    @VigilantCitizen, I agree wholeheartedly.


  14. thor

    gosssshh rihanna killed it! did you see how bieber was staring at her lol gosh i LAUGH


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