2 Chainz and Wale

Frank Ocean, Rihanna, 2 Chainz, Wale, & Elle Varner React to GRAMMY Nominations

It was a night of celebration for many (and disappointment for some) when the nominations for the 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards were announced last night.

An awestruck Frank Ocean had few words to say about his six nominations for his debut channel ORANGE. His Def Jam labelmate 2 Chainz was grateful for his first Grammy nod for Best Rap Album for his debut Based on a T.R.U. Story, Wale was in disbelief (“Lotus Flower Bomb” was nominated for Best Rap Song), and Rihanna shared her three nominations with her fans.

But not everyone was celebrating. Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun took to Twitter to vent about the pop superstar’s shutout.

Check out some of the reactions from Twitter.

Frank Ocean: “wow…..”

Rihanna: “Congrats guys, we got #3 Grammy Nods!!! #ThugLife”

2 Chainz: “I jus wanna use this opportunity to thank GOD for everything that has taken place in my life good and bad. 1st album 1st grammy nomination.”

Nas: “Been a bit under the weather but wanted to thank everyone for the love. Life isn’t just good… It’s GREAT!”

Rick Ross: “#GFID #Grammy nominated.shit is amazing!!means so much to a young boss.”

Young Jeezy: “The hustle is real. Nominated for a Grammy. Salute to the fans.”

Wale: “Hol up… Wtf?!!!???? This is unreal”

Melanie Fiona: “Words can’t even describe how much THIS particular nomination means. Thank You.”

Ed Sheeran: “A team. A song I wrote with no home, no money, anything, nominated or best record at the Grammys. A dream come true. Ecstatic xxx. I can’t describe how happy I am.”

R. Kelly: “Honored to have received a 24th #Grammy nomination with #WriteMeBack up for @TheGRAMMYs Best R&B Album! Thx to fans for all the support!”

John Legend: “@Ludacris we got a Grammy nom. Nice!”

Estelle: “My Team and my darlings rock. Thanks for all the love.”


Tyrese: “2 Grammy nominations ladies and gentleman of the WORLD..!! This is truly one of the greatest nights of my life… We literally did my new OPEN INVITATION ALBUM in my GARAGE!!! R&B Album of the YEAR!!! I at my house going CRAZY RIGHT NOW!!!”

?uestlove of The Roots: “whoa…i just checked the entire nominee list…shocked that the usual nom hogs are…well…man is this the year of the underdog?”


Janelle Monáe: “Me & fun. Our song ‘We are young’ was Grammy nominated album of the year, record of the yr, best pop vocal duo/group! I’m so proud of these guys! And very honored to be apart.”

Anthony Hamilton: “Thanks everybody for the congrats and well wishes. I’m humbled and grateful.”

Ne-Yo: “[I] love what Frank is doing with R&B right now. Frank is the kind of guy that’s gonna do what he likes, do what he wants to do and you’re either gonna like it or you’re gonna not. Well, Frank, they like it. Six nominations? I think they like it, so congratulations.”

Tyler, the Creator: “YELLOW SUIT READY? @frank_ocean MY NI**A”

Scooter Braun (Justin Bieber’s manager): “this time there wont be any wise words, no excuses, I just plain DISAGREE. The kid deserved it. Grammy board u blew it on this one.”

  • WayneRules2012

    First! Honestly i think JB deserved what he got! Haha

  • Victoria

    Scooter can shut the hell up. Justin’s album wasn’t “bad” but he should NOT be nominated when artists of much more relevance (cough cough TAMIA) have yet to win one! Soooo happy for her, Frank, Elle & Miguel.

    • x

      @Victoria, u no good music babe

  • Blah

    wtf? would Justin win a grammy for..lol Frank was expected. 2Chainz..smh..hahaha

  • Klowseph

    Frank Ocean I’m so proud to be a fan! Finally an artis with true soul gets nominated!

    • Sebastian

      @Klowseph, Agreed!!!!

  • Issa

    2 Chainz sounds so intelligent. But then you listen to his album and ….

    • J Lacroix

      @Issa, and ratchet music comes on! LOL


    Majority of the artist nominated are truly talented. Nicki wasn’t nominated??? Oh, snap!
    Nicki, you can’t publicly snap on WELL KNOWN legends and expect to be handed a Grammy, regardless to the circumstances.

  • sharlyn

    Justin & Nicki who? The 55th Annual Grammy Awards smells like talent.

    • Vicki

      @sharlyn, um no. 2 chainz and Carly Rae Jepsen aren’t talent. Sit

      • Audrey Hepburn

        @Vicki, Truuue. *in 2Chainz voice*

  • Lily

    Still sad @ Nicki not being nominated but tbh her album was totally a mess. Hope she do better w/ The Pink Print

  • A Realist

    Frank Ocean — The man of many words.

  • keepin it real

    ughh bieber should’ve replaced 2chains no talent ass!! his album was good I got it!

  • Anthony

    Dang a lot of hip hop people nominated haha well hip hop dominated the album charts this year

    • AllAmerykhanBoy

      @Anthony, they really did not. no hip-hop album this year has yet to go gold except for Roman Reloaded

  • Audrey Hepburn

    *manic laughter* @ the last statement. ^o^

  • Nikki

    @Norman T Becknell, you are a fool for this one!!

    I can’t.. lolol

    • Norman T Becknell

      @Nikki, nah I’m keeping it 100! I love MMG I’d lick Ross’ tig ole bitties if he’d let me.

  • Pereezy YMCMB MMG

    Scooter Braun (Justin Bieber’s manager): Justin Bieber, Really??? Bilieve was like, the Worst RnB Pop album of the year.
    Frank Ocean, sorry Bit**Ni**a, I don’t support homos.

    • Cranberry

      @Pereezy YMCMB MMG, you already do though, they just haven’t come out yet. Oh.

    • Ice

      @Pereezy YMCMB MMG, But you support Nicki Minaj and she is bi

  • miles

    I wonder if frank will really wear that yellow suit like he said he would.

  • ayo

    justin really deserved a nomination though

  • Norman T Becknell

    Wale baby I love you. I want to message ya scalp with cocunut oil and rub ya d!ck with that KY jelly before you manhandle my a$$hole. If u in NY call me (718)385-3955! I swallow balls and lick nuts at the same damn time tho

  • Norman T Becknell

    I like to wash my a$$. I clean good but not that great of a cook. I know how to make cup of noodles with cheese doodles I learned that in the slammer.

  • #RihannaNAVi

    Yes Rih.

  • erodxd

    2chainz? Really? smh.

  • Shae

    “My plan B is to win your hearts before I win a Grammy.” – Kendrick Lamar… I ain’t even mad at the fact that he’s not nominated. People are finally listening. Rather the world the listen before all…. Congrats to the rest doe.

    • Phill

      @Shae, He will be nominated to the 2014 Grammys, his album was released after the date to next year Grammys.

  • Miguel

    So proud of Frank Ocean. He deserves it. And Rihanna totally should win a Grammy. And P!nk. OMG shes so underrated. That Grammy should be hers. Those 3 people >>> Grammys are where u see who the ARTISTS are and who the SINGERS.

  • Miguel

    Where Bieber at? Where 1D at? Huh?

  • Pour Music LD Sodiler

    justin Bieber manager need to chill out his ass down & congrat to those artist who are getting grammy nominations

  • Aynonmous

    Scooter needs to just shut up. Yeah I get he manages one of the top “artist” in the world but he has no taste in music. he goes by what trends and sorry to say that he signed PSY to his label but that’s a persons choice. He has to leave the grammy board alone and let them select true artist that deserve a real recognition.