Video: The-Dream – ‘Wake Me When It’s Over’


Terius Nash aka The-Dream weathers the ups and downs of a relationship in the dramatic video for “Wake Me When It’s Over,” which appears on his album 1977 and the forthcoming commercial release, in stores December 18.

The singer-songwriter documents the demise of his relationship stemming from the verbal abuse he receives from his girlfriend. When he leaves, she goes out and meets another man, who takes advantage of her. In her time of need, she calls up Dream.

1977 includes new and previously released material from The-Dream’s 2011 mixtape, with appearances from Pharrell (“Real”) and Big Sean (“Ghetto”).

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  1. LOKO

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this man, and his R&B. Such a shame that his personal life got in the way of his success.
    Behind the scenes, as a producer, this man is GOLD, makes that perfect music. I just wish he could make a proper comeback, circa Love vs Money Era.
    So many people sleeping on this guy in favour of artists such as Frank Ocean, Miguel, Weeknd etc.
    People need to realise that without Terius, none of the aforementioned would be as successful as they are…
    Congrats to Frank and Miguel on their grammy nominations though, and Terius also!


  2. TakeTheseFactsB*tch

    I love The Dream, but I don’t think it’s a good idea for him to release 1977 in stores since he did release it for FREE at 1st.

    I personally don’t think he expected the album to get such a big reaction like it did.

    And he is for sure underrated, which I don’t understand why considering people love the weeknd so much.

    The-Dream is for sure my favorite male artist in this generation.


    mrsober Reply:

    @TakeTheseFactsB*tch, it is a re release , Nicki Minaj *cough cough..


    LOKO Reply:

    @TakeTheseFactsB*tch, Word


    miles Reply:

    @TakeTheseFactsB*tch, the Weeknd and The Dream have nothing in common what so ever. People only compare them because their names sound similar


    LOKO Reply:

    @miles, shouldn’t even be compared… Dream is in a superior league.


    TakeTheseFactsB*tch Reply:

    @miles, Their names sound similar? How does “Weeknd” and “Dream” sound similar? You sound STUPID!

    The things Weeknd makes music about is the samething Dream has been doing for YEARS now.

    The Weeknd just has multiple d*ck riders that’s all.


  3. Hov

    garbage – hov


  4. TrueMusicSeeker

    Awesome as always!


  5. chep

    this shit is real man, this is R&B


  6. Oh God Why

    Agree with you guys, Dream makes some awesome music


  7. Pour Music LD Sodiler

    i understand this is personal Music Video about him & Christina Milian, Nice Music video this is something that people can relate it to


  8. Yourboycelebrity

    Oh snap. kamille aka hot wings from VH1 Real Chance Of Love love her!


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