New Music: OMG Girlz – ‘I Love Christmas’

I Love Christmas

They’re making a list and checking it twice. The OMG Girlz celebrate the joyous season on their original holiday tune “I Love Christmas.” The teen trio, who is signed to T.I.’s Grand Hustle, spends time with their family, decorates the tree, and reveals their wish list, which includes a purple iPod, Gucci shoes, and even a private jet (to fly over the haters).

“No drama in my life, it’s Christmas,” they sing on the cheery tune.

Celebrate the holidays with the OMG Girlz.

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  1. James

    Merry Christmas!!!!


  2. PS3

    It’s age appropriate and a decorating the tree type song. Cute.


  3. Tanya

    It’s cute!


  4. mmm..stfu

    dont understand why Where the boys at didnt chart good but im ready for a new song and the album. the have what it takes


  5. Oh

    They have alot of potential to be like the NEXT Destiny’s Child or even TLC. Because that Girl-Group thing is definately open. They could join the ranks of teen idols like “One Direction” and “Justin Beiber” if they had the right management and promotion. But sadly T.I. aint go it like that no more


    Wow Reply:

    @Oh, you’re so right! TI is so focused on putting his music out which no one cares about. He’s putting his artists on the back burner. These girls could really be big! They need new people! Or they won’t reach their potential!


    Bri C. Reply:

    @Wow, It’s not T.I.’s group Tiny and Keisha Miles are the ones behind them and I would say T.I. could at least use his clout to help them get on but he aint even got it like that no more unfortunately. Lady Gaga gave them a shout out on twitter which you’d think would do wonders for promotion but that didn’t even seem to be much help.


  6. IreneMoore

    omg girls are the best grils


  7. drea

    it’s okay but why are they talking about haters in a xmas song


  8. alexis

    i love love this song cant wait for the album but i think its weird that they said they wanted all that stuff but they dont really want anything for christmas this year but love them


  9. jerrica lay

    I love this song the omg girlz and awl rock it


  10. Pour Music LD Sodiler

    I’ve seen the Omg Girlz performance 3 times and they are a amazing performance & this is a Dope song for Kids teenager that are their ages & up. Dope Xmas song


  11. Glamour Puss

    The first singer has a flat voice and is singing through her nose, but it’s a cute song for the kiddies.


  12. preetierthanyouu

    its cute


    tweet Reply:

    @preetierthanyouu, gurl


  13. iBzThuggin'

    this is cute, actually too cute


  14. Renay williams

    I love it so much


  15. tweet

    i love the omg girlz i want to meet them so bad


    chelayna Reply:

    @tweet, i do too


  16. tweet



  17. chelayna

    i love omg girlz


  18. rickyah

    its a perfect song





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