New Music: The Game f/ Scarface & Kendrick Lamar – ‘Murder’


Game drops the last “Sunday Service” before Jesus Piece is released on Tuesday. On “Murder,” the West Coast MC narrates a dark story with some help from Scarface and Kendrick Lamar. He raps about the death of Tupac, Biggie, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and other famous faces.

“Who the f**k killed Michael Jackson, his physician?/ He died slow in his music, you ain’t really listen/ Now his daughter getting slapped by his sister and that’s probably gonna kill their mama/ So I’m sorry Ms. Jackson, I’m sorry Ms. Houston/ Cissy, might shed a tear, but ain’t no sissy ’cause Whitney’s still with me/ And her death kinda hurt a ni**a.”

Game explained why the track didn’t make the album. “The artwork displays the original tracklisting for the album making it easy for you to slide the tracks that were supposed to be on the album but didnt make it because of sample clearances…… So again, here it is & I truly appreciate all the love & support on this album,” he wrote.

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  1. A$VP Richie

    this is cold. weed music.


  2. Kobe Bryant

    Holy Jesus Christ God Damn this is Hot!


  3. Jessica

    Name dropping and features. What’s new?? I’m
    convinced he can’t do a song by himself. Smh


    yann Reply:

    @Jessica, Have u listenned Black Jesus or Holy Water or Blood Diamond?


  4. sighs*

    Flatbush Zombies used this sample first and the beat sounded way better. look it up; Flatbush Zombies – Breakfast AT ePiffanies.


  5. RoyalTprod

    Kendrick sssshhudd hv spit..sounded lk a high power beat…this song wud been good for absoul thou


  6. GTFOH

    Damn I wish Kendrick had a verse. Nice tho.


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