Beyoncé Invades Miami for Art Basel


While news of her $50 million Pepsi deal broke over the weekend, Beyoncé was in Miami for Art Basel. Wearing a short floral romper and holding a camera, Bey hit up a gallery and snapped photos of the artwork that caught her eye, later sharing the pics on her Tumblr page.

She unwinded with a glass of champagne as she perused the showroom with some of her favorite ladies including Kelly Rowland, her cousin Angie, and mother Tina Knowles.

The night before she and Jay-Z were spotted mingling with art aficionados at Jose Parla and JR’s Wrinkles of the City book launch at The Standard.

Photo credit: INF Photo + Beyoncé

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  1. Lola



  2. Fab

    I’m not even mad. enjoying the simple pleasures of life.
    Love that her and Kelly still have a great relationship also.
    Mama Tina looked a lil Tipsy.


  3. Phuck Yeah

    Beyonce & kelly bout to kill the music game….. I see why destinys child was 1 of the biggest girl groups of all time….. Beyonce queen of pop… Kelly queen of r&b…..


  4. Audrey Hepburn

    Looking lost as usual.

    However, Art Basel was amazing. This year was better than last year. :)


    #BEENTRILL Reply:

    @Audrey Hepburn,



    Audrey Hepburn Reply:

    @#BEENTRILL, Thanks dear, you too! :)


    Neickha Reply:

    @Audrey Hepburn, Wow did you go? I so wished that i could of witnessed the many artist on dispaly especially Mr. Basquiat.






    OMG, it’s started, the Bi$$ is just everywere !!! i like it !!!


  7. hbic44

    Waiting for the comment that says, “oh kelly and Beyonce arent even friends, this picture dont mean nothing” and bruh bruh bruh! Beyonce and Kelly arent friends, their sisters and both look great.


  8. marcus

    her legs are thick..toned..and thick all the way down..with small ankles


  9. fine ass girl

    kim kardashian, is cryng on her MIAMI hotel, because beyonce dont let whoore in her ROYAL CLIQUE!!!


  10. Lawd A Mercy

    Why she jockin’ Solange’ tho?
    And Why does she look so blank and lost in
    the face?
    So many questions, and so little answers.


  11. YMCMB

    I heard she’s working with T.I. for her new album, AMAZING!


  12. Derya

    I Love You Beyonce, As usual, super. Queen and Diva Beyonce… :)


  13. Jay

    Beyonce is so beautiful!!! I love these pics. They look like they should be some kind of ad or something. And I’m SOOOOO ready for some new music from Beyonce!!!! I heard she’s been working on something. I itching to hear what she’s been cooking up!!! :)


  14. Derya

    Beyonce super


  15. Pour Music LD Sodiler

    pretty Good outfit on her (Bc) beyonce carter


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