New Music: Trinidad James – ‘That Turn Up’

That Turn Up

Hip-hop’s newest sensation Trinidad James has been making noise with his single “All Gold Everything.” Now the 25-year-old Atlanta rapper cranks things up even louder on “That Turn Up,” a blistering banger produced by Mike WiLL Made It (Juicy J, Rihanna).

The track will appear on the “Bandz” producer’s new mixtape, Est. in 1989 Pt. 2.5, arriving on Christmas Eve. The tape, the third installment in Mike’s mixtape series, will also feature his collaborations with Gucci Mane, Future, Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, Brandy, Juicy J, Big Sean, and more.

A radio rip surfaced last week, but you can listen to the CD quality version below.


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  1. Realistically

    What … in … the hell.


  2. Jay Zzzz

    Best Rapper Alive!!!!


    XO till we overdose... Reply:

    @Jay Zzzz, his lyricism is actually blowing my mind…


  3. T

    This is soooooooo bad……………..but I like it smh


  4. It's Moi!

    ummmm….wow ok lol Someone forgot to take their medicine.


  5. Steez

    This Is HORRIBLE!! Hahaa


  6. Trill

    …I like it


  7. Ice

    It’s that turnip?


  8. A$VP Richie

    It’s so ignorant that its genius


  9. Vick

    You people have no standards when it comes to rap… This is garbage.


  10. chris

    Hip Hop still exists. This just isn’t it.
    This is the humiliation of African Americans. Another dimension of bringing down such a strong and intelligent culture that is marred by their own selves just like during the capturing of slaves. How low can African Americans go in stupid utopia? I’m amazed. This is brain dead sound. Not everything is music just because instruments were recorded.



    this a new club hit right here.


  12. dave

    straight garbage


  13. andel

    I love this shit :D trini to d bone


  14. Pour Music LD Sodiler

    this sounds Like a fawking mixtape ahhhhh bad rap sheet


  15. Pour Music LD Sodiler

    Horrible muisc what in the heck


  16. Alex Dumpfree

    How can i know all of you and yor history?


  17. Drift

    Once again hot track + straight hood = underground banger #catchmydrift


  18. sdg

    it’s a down south wild out joint. really… if it’s that bad don’t listen


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