Keyshia Cole Duets with Radio Host on ‘This Christmas’

Keyshia Cole

DMX became a viral sensation with his hip-hop cover of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” Now Keyshia Cole is getting in the holiday spirit too. During her visit to Dallas radio station K104, radio host Bay Bay convinced her to duet with him on Donny Hathaway’s holiday classic “This Christmas.”

While she insisted that she didn’t know the melody, she eventually joined in, reading the lyrics off a paper as Bay Bay provided ad-libs.

If you haven’t heard Keyshia’s soulful take on “Silent Night,” listen here.

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    bitch cant read… who dont know this song?


    THATGUY Reply:

    @BLUE IVY, lmfao


  2. CROWN

    she is 2 cute


  3. yooooooooooo

    AWWWWW love it lol she’s too good


  4. southernboss

    Keyshia you should do a christmas album!


  5. Yup

    “READ Keyshia ” lmao I bet she’s heard that all her life lol


  6. Jay-Me

    Lmao Hood Christmas. I actually don’t know this song till I hear but like he said, she has the words. I say go earn then words & then get in the booth and record it.


  7. georgia23

    OMG how do you NOT know “This Christmas”?!?!? It’s like the BEST non-traditional Christmas song ever!!! Ooooooooh I’m so mad she doesn’t know this song!!! But this was funny though! Imma let you slide this time Keysh!


  8. Diego

    Her album floped she had to go back to sad music and still sold less than her last flop album Mary wanna b


    Kas Reply:

    @Diego, Her album did good. r&b doesnt sell like it used to and if she’s a flop then Monica, brandy, neyo, and Miguel are also flops for selling less than Keyshia.


  9. READY

    I enjoyed that!


  10. Pour Music LD Sodiler

    cute hair style


  11. Hate Nicki

    HOW CAN SHE NOT KNOW THIS SONG!?!?!?!?! Gosh!!!!!


  12. Asa

    I don’t know “This Christmas” very well either, it was never really a staple in my household. I just started to listen to it recently and haven’t gotten the lyrics down.

    So I don’t know why people are acting like it’s Silent Night, or Rudolph.


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