New Music: Bilal – ‘Back to Love’

Back to Love

Bilal rekindles the flame on “Back to Love,” the first single from his upcoming album A Love Surreal. The Philly crooner sings about reconnecting with a lost love on the funky song, which takes listeners on a journey through the trials and tribulations of a relationship.

A Love Surreal is set for release on February 12. The album was inspired by the surrealist paintings of Salvador Dalí and will feature appearances from Robert Glasper and the musical trio KING.

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  1. Kyle

    I think the concept of his new album sounds really interesting in terms of drawing inspiration from Salvador Dali. I’ll check it out when he drops!


  2. ScribeCash

    This is funky I love this!!


  3. vik

    love love love it – classic talent


  4. READY

    It took me 59 seconds to fall in love with this song!!!


  5. Pour Music LD Sodiler

    pretty good music


  6. thedragonb

    Cool. It’s funky, jazzy and soulful. Let’s not let this new joint LEAK on the net and ruin the release! ;)


  7. Righteous

    The cover art was inspired by Dali????…….a four year old child inspired by Dali …created that cover(we won’t call it art )and submitted it to the record company…..Inspired by Dali….for f**ks sake!!!


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