Video: Skylar Grey f/ Eminem – ‘C’mon Let Me Ride’

Eminem and Skylar Grey

Skylar Grey is good at being bad in the naughty video for “C’mon Let Me Ride” featuring Eminem. The singer-songwriter sheds her dark image and shows a sexier side in the provocative clip, which was shot at a trailer park in Michigan. Skylar works up a sweat as a scantily-clad lumberjack, while Slim Shady makes a comical cameo.

“I can be really goofy and I know that a lot of people think I’m just dark and sad and melancholy all the time, but that’s just one huge part of me,” explained the Grammy-nominated Skylar. “I’m also really silly and I have a really dirty mind. I can’t help it. It just goes there.”

The video also carries a deeper message. “I’m kinda poking fun at the overly sexualized aspects of today’s culture and music and everything.”

“C’mon Let Me Ride” is the first single off Skylar’s KIDinaKORNER/Interscope debut Don’t Look Down. Eminem will executive produce the project, which is due next spring.

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  1. Rossetto

    Worst thing I’ve ever heard. FLOP.


    VMili Reply:


    I have to agree… I understand it’s meant to be fun/funny but there’s not a chance i would listen to this again, no matter what kind of humor i’m in…..


    Pereezy YMCMB MMG Reply:

    @Rossetto, True That, Eminem Is Legend I don’t know y he accepted to be on it.


    CROWN Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG, he didnt just accept it he produced it if im not wrong. hes doing her whole album


  2. Momo

    Garbage and not funny. She’s supposed to be making fun of pop culture but she’s just making a fool of herself in a trailerpark. I’m going to forget Eminem was in this mess.


  3. Me

    U have no sense of humor… or you just cant understand what they want to say in this video.
    Or you r just haters. :)


    Cornball Reply:

    @Me, Grow up not everybody has to like this just because your master Eminem is on it. It’s corny like most of the stuff he’s been on lately.


    An0thrDream Reply:

    @Me, theyre just haters and their knowledge of music doesnt go beyond what they hear on the radio.

    Do I need to remind ya’ll about the way PINK started out? Skylar Grey is a genius , the lyricist behind all your fav’s hits.

    I love this, love the spunk behind it. It’s gonna be a hit


    GTFO Reply:

    @An0thrDream, typical Stan response. Don’t compare a crew jumping flopstar like Skylar/Holly/whatevershescallingherselfthisyear to Pink. Go kiss your Eminem posters.


  4. Yea

    Thats what its about…I swear ppl just can’t seem to grasp underlying sarcasm, self deprication or sarcasm anymore. She’s making herself look like an idiot on purpose. The song may not be as obvious as “stupid girls” by p!nk but if you actually use urbrsin, then you’ll get it.


    Stealth Reply:

    @Yea, The problem is the song sounds so awful you don’t care what she’s talking about.


  5. frenchconnnnection.

    vv brown style



  6. Lee

    Nice to see Eminem having fun too bad the song is awful.


  7. Travone

    That was funny


  8. Chri$

    There is no way on earth this is gonna be a hit!!!
    when thats said i hope Em will do another T.E.S./Encore album with serious bangers and some comedy song like Without you and just lose it.


    randy Reply:

    @Chri$, encore? are you serious? that is unanimously considered his worst album. wtf


    eminemfan Reply:

    @Chri$, lol without you? its without me and thats from the eminem show! XD


  9. Jane

    Girl :/ …


  10. badmeetsevil

    honest i like it:) it just makes me laugh


  11. Ginnie

    It SUCKS. It is not funny. It is ridiculous. It doesn’t reflect a over sexual society at all. Can’t listen to it again.


  12. This World

    Its good. But its like P!nk 1.5


  13. Russ

    Poor Skylar nothing works so she has to settle for trying to be the female Slim Shady. Maybe Em’s teenybopper Stans will buy it because I’d hate to see her embarrass herself like this then flop too.


  14. Tony

    @Russ your an em hater who comes here to hate on em.


  15. sharlyn

    I don’t understand.


  16. Jay

    I love it!!! Before this came out, I sat and listened to tons of Skylar’s older music. It’s a totally different direction for her and I like it. The video is awesome! Em is the man and I can’t wait for Skylar’s album!!! :)


    IDC Reply:

    @Jay, you from her PR team? lol


  17. ok



  18. MusicJunkie

    I actually like it . Its a fun pop song . But lets not forget this chick can actually write & sing her ass off .


    Well Reply:

    @MusicJunkie, then she should have at least sang well & wrote something decent. This sounds awful.


  19. eminemfan

    am i the only person that LOVES this song? and i actually dont just listen for eminem!! im now a fan of skyler! if anyone’s gunna be it shes the girl vertion of slim shady :) this is my favorite song now and the video is halarious!! :D


    Pour Music LD Sodiler Reply:

    @eminemfan, True that


  20. Pour Music LD Sodiler

    not a bad song or video it pretty good. she just having fun


    eminemfan Reply:

    @Pour Music LD Sodiler, finaly someone who understands! :D


  21. poop

    the song is bad but the videos pretty funny


  22. Jennarose

    When I first heard this song I wasn’t big fan but I actually think its very catchy and she knows exactly what she’s doing. Putting a stupid goofy song that will get stuck in your head. And as for em he is one best artist we have had in long time he has already proved his talent and he not one be forgotten so now he just having fun. It’s a good song!!!


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