New Music: Kat Dahlia – ‘Gangsta’

Kat Dahlia

As the new year approaches and new talent emerges, Sylvia Rhone introduces her newest artist Kat Dahlia (formerly known as Kat Hue). The music industry executive signed the Miami-born rapper-singer-songwriter to her Vested in Culture label with Epic Records after hearing her demos for the first time.

When her parents’ moving company folded following their divorce, Kat and her siblings went to live with their mother. The 22-year-old of Cuban descent reflects on her riches-to-rags childhood on her sultry single “Gangsta.”

“No, I ain’t stuntin’ like my daddy / He’s living with my grammy / Used to be a big baller / He’s surviving off of gambling / But I love him, he’s my daddy / Yeah, I love him, he’s my daddy / Put him in a big house before I ever see a Grammy,” she raps on the raw, yet infectious record.

A storyteller with the mind state of a hustler, Kat is one to watch in 2013. Check her flow below.

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  1. FromTheTinnock

    i like this.


  2. Donn

    This shit is hot! I’m a fan


  3. RapLovhn

    Whoaaaa, I love this! Finally a song about what most people are going through in the world. I’m sorry, but I can’t relate to “phuckyoyacht” or all the other marterial riches artist mainly sing about…. love, family & humble beginings will never sell out. How refreshing



  4. yana

    Love this!


  5. Indie Reece

    feeling this…


  6. Ice

    Wow, she blew me away with this.


  7. bibi93



  8. An0thrDream

    wow – she took me there w/this one!

    She got a brand new fan!

    Keep it coming Kat Dahlia


  9. Marsha lotus

    Oh shit this is dope!


  10. Val

    Real lyrics.. I love it keep em coming


  11. AAA

    This is ill


  12. Hate Nicki

    I came here to hate on this but I actually REALLY LIKE IT. Damn, where I can download this shit???


  13. Dustin

    That was DOPE!

    The cadence and melody would have fit really well on Rihannas Rated R album but the production reminds me of some of the shit 9th Wonder did for Jean Grae.

    Btw NOT comparing her to Rih Rih, just drawing sonic parallels.


  14. KeepIt100

    DAMN! This hot, and not to use that word, but this is “real” shit. I can relate…this is our real lives.


  15. #RihannaNAVi

    I have listened to this song,
    before she got big…
    I like this song. I need to listen to her other music tho


  16. Big Beats

    I was lucky enough to D’load her album when she was KatHue…This track just brushes the surface of what Kat Dahlia is able to do vocally. Im gonna be followin her closely.. So far shes makin all the right moves in the industry.. Shes on the same path as some of the great female singer/song writers that are hot right now!!!


  17. SBU

    But like… Why isn’t this ishh on the radio??!!?


  18. Hugh

    Dope! 50 cent


  19. flysly

    T O U G H


  20. g_music17

    this is awesome! liked the vibe and the sound


  21. davidjohn83

    Move over Rhianna,

    hopefully this girl dosent turn hoe like rhianna,


    Pour Music LD Sodiler Reply:

    @davidjohn83, it sad that you say that Rihanna turn like a hoe guess U’ve a sad ass Mf Life hoe


  22. rob

    Def one to watch. I realized why the hook is so catchy… 50 cent’s “Wanksta.” had the same opening.. “You said u a gangsta” Good job.


  23. TopShelf

    This song go!


  24. Pour Music LD Sodiler

    this song is the SHit and Dope Amazing Music Don’t know if people know who she is by now


  25. annie m.

    i love you songs and picts send a email back and a picture.


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