Rihanna Pens ‘Unapologetic’ Letter to Fans


With her first No. 1 album and 12th No. 1 single, Rihanna has a lot to be grateful for this year. As 2012 comes to a close, the “Diamonds” singer pens a handwritten letter to her Rihanna Navy, reflecting on the past and looking toward the future.

“I look forward to embarking on this ride with you, unwilling to sacrifice what we believe in, taking our lessons and growing from them,” she writes in the note, which she posted on Instagram.

She also shares some words of wisdom. “Let our inspirations drive us, never steering from who we truly are,” she says.

Read RiRi’s “Unapologetic” letter below.

Unapologetic Letter

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  1. X

    Wannabe Beyonce.


    Fresh Navy Reply:

    @X, yeah im sure…

    bey was the first person to write a letter right?

    baddie bey? is prrof bey trying rih
    as rih instagram name has been bad gyal rih rih


    X Reply:

    @Fresh Navy, I’m not even a fan of both, but what I know is, you’re one of these blind fans. So you really think Beyonce copied something from her? Haha nice try honey.


    Jaye Reply:

    @X, my first thought!!!!





  3. tee



  4. reha

    man she doesn’t even talk like that! lool nice try!

    “LOve rihanna” this is some joke, i swear!


    Fresh Navy Reply:

    @reha, ohh and where sure you know how rihanna talks right?


  5. Dking

    Untalented hoes seems to be the theme for the 21st century so far, we real early in it though.

    Much time for improvement.


    sonja Reply:

    @Dking, hoes who got “untalented” grammys and “untalented vocal grammy nominations”

    seats are calling your name, fullfill their requests


    Neysie Reply:

    @sonja, *cosign


  6. Monkeyman

    Girl Please! Get real here. Dont try and pretend to be deep cos we all know you aint.


  7. A$AP

    I did know she could write.I’m pretty sure The Dream wrote it for her….


  8. FreeYourMind

    As a navy member, i’m greatly appreciative whether she wrote it herself or took the time pend it to us! Love unapologetic and patiently waiting until next november for more music! #RihannaNavyCares


  9. justsaying

    I see the haters are up early, my question is…..why are y’ll so steam pressed this early in the am??


  10. Fresh Navy

    Rihanna writes a letter to the RIHANNA NAVY

    and we have bey fans here?

    im fucking dyeing!!!

    are we suffering from an identity problem?

    that letter was beautiful and heart felt


    RihNavy Reply:

    @Fresh Navy, hahaha i feel u





  11. Fresh Navy

    its funny the letter is addressed to the RIHANNA NAVY….

    yet the beyhive is here… identity crisis?


    b Reply:

    @Fresh Navy, PREACH!!! DRIZZY V*


  12. aquarius

    she got some nice ass handwriting lol


  13. bibi93


  14. Audrey Hepburn

    How gracious and humble!! Great way to show your appreciation to your supporters. Rihanna is so well equipped with the etiquette and talent necessary to succeed. :)


  15. Twitter

    Why not use Twitter like you been doing to communicate to your fans?



  16. #RihannaNAVi

    Bey fans need to exit this post. why are they here?


  17. Jim

    Beyhive just press cuz beyonce isn’t as connected to her fans as Rihanna is. When the last time Bey Tweeted or RT them??? And she created the account after the baby so no Excuses! I love Bey and Rih but Beyhives give bey fans a bad name smh ://


  18. hmm

    Ratchet rihanna


  19. Nick

    this letter was apart of the CD BOX SET that costs a fortune to buy. she just posted the letter on twitter for those who can’t afford to buy the box set.


  20. Neysie

    You say you dont care about Rihanna or her fans…But yet your are commenting. I DONT UNDERSTAND IT


  21. Ken Evolution

    This gimmick lacks the decorum and class with her egregious rhetoric to formulate such a deep letter demonstrating such poise and humility. I strongly believe someone else wrote this for this untalented gimmick.


  22. davidjohn83

    who you truly are? girl you wernt born a hoe, you were made a hoe.


  23. davidjohn83

    this sounds more like an excuse


  24. Crazi

    Love the letter, well written communication. I don’t know why folks hating and comparing it to the letter of a 7 yr old lol. Education is important folks. Speech and writing proves this…..


  25. TrueMusicSeeker

    So many haters! If you don’t agree with her letter why does your opinion have to be heard by everybody else, keep that shit to yourself bruh… people really think they KNOW these celebrities all you know is what the media tell you otherwise you don’t know shit… and HELLO ever heard the saying ‘don’t believe everything you see or hear’…apparently not! And who cares they Beyonce wrote the first handwritten thank you letter to her fans… so now no celeb can do that gtfoh! and get a life you haters! That is all.


    Pour Music LD Sodiler Reply:

    @TrueMusicSeeker, True That!! I agree with you


  26. Pour Music LD Sodiler

    Beautiful Letter RihRih and I understand it go to the hater Keep it moving


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