Jamie Foxx Talks Fame, Marriage, and Sex Life with Oprah

Jamie Foxx and Oprah

Jamie Foxx sat down with Oprah for the first part of a two-week event on her OWN show “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” The 44-year-old actor, comedian, and singer opened up to the media mogul about fame, his love life, and why he hasn’t gotten married in his most personal and revealing interview yet.

During their candid conversation at Soho House in New York City, Jamie revealed how a female soldier inspired him to work out and how Any Given Sunday director Oliver Stone’s harsh criticism helped him become a better actor. His 18-year-old daughter Corinne Bishop also joined Oprah to chat about her relationship with her famous father.

Watch the full episode below.


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  1. Wow

    Did he discuss that atrocious hair line? Cuz baby….


    [email protected] Reply:

    @Wow, Honey i was just talkin bout the same thing until i scrolled down and saw i wasnt the only one talkin lol


    white hos love BBC Reply:

    @Wow, that etch and sketch hairline be killin me lol


  2. [email protected]

    Oprah always in somebody’s sex life…old bag


    Wow Reply:

    @[email protected], lmaooooo how can you slay Motha O so effortlessly?


  3. da truth

    Jamie is one of the biggest talents in the world


  4. 68_CAN_IOU_1

    WFT is up wit that lining Jamie???? LOL???


  5. 68_CAN_IOU_1

    WTF is up wit that lining JAMIE?????LOL!!!!?


  6. Fa

    What he said about ” getting the ideas out”,
    that was fantastic!
    i want to be with someone like that


  7. Lisa

    Uhhh, Any Given Sunday wasn’t his big screen debut tho.


  8. Proud OF Soidloah boy

    nice interview


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