Video: Alicia Keys – ‘Brand New Me’

Alicia Keys

Out with the old, in with the new. With only weeks left in 2012, Alicia Keys debuts the powerful video for “Brand New Me,” the second single off her latest album Girl on Fire. The R&B songstress pours her heart out and frees herself from the past, wig and all, as she sings the empowering anthem.

“#BrandNewMe is about finding bravery, LETTING GO & being myself,” said Alicia of the emotional clip, directed by Diane Martel.

Celebrate with Alicia as she embarks on her new journey.

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  1. nasty

    ye dawg


  2. LevelNexter

    Simple. and. i. like. it.


  3. bibi93



  4. Audrey Hepburn

    So that’s where my dark brown poodle went. Whew, I thought I lost her. :)


  5. Nikki

    Great video, it speaks to the song, beautiful as always.


  6. LOLatHaters



  7. Whoa Now...

    I really enjoyed that.


  8. jay

    I love Alicia but that wig was lopsided


  9. Jay-Me

    Love this song & video. Glad the opresser was a white guy as well.


  10. tell'em

    Great message. Like the song a little more.


  11. Fa

    Piano, empowerment blabla, climax, scream
    the usual
    plus I cry on camera
    I wanna be an actress
    Ok ok we got it!


  12. Karen

    Alicia giving her all and at her best. Love the piano and her beautiful voice. Very touching. @Fa, It’s called being real. She’s already played the actress role and can do whatever she wants. This is not an audition.


  13. AMINA

    I love the song and the video is cool.

    Do you thang mama!!!


  14. Diego

    She better hope this saves her album it’s sliding down charts


  15. Jay

    AMAZING!!! Alicia’s the kind of artist that reminds me why I love music so much. This song is so beautiful. It just seems like time stops and for second, I’m in this musical moment…and I love it. I really feel Alicia on this song. I can really relate. This is truly my new anthem!!! She’s got my heart with this one. :)


  16. Proud OF Soidloah boy

    amazing Music video but the song is kind old


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