Kelly Rowland Eyes Early 2013 Release for ‘Year of the Woman’

Kelly Rowland

As a former “X Factor” U.K. judge, Kelly Rowland shared her expertise during the live pre-show for the U.S. version of the talent competition. During a sit-down chat with hosts Adrienne Bailon and Jesse Giddings, the “Motivation” singer offered some words of advice to the contestants and provided an update on her upcoming album Year of the Woman, which is currently being mixed.

“I’m very excited about this album, due out the first quarter of next year,” said Kelly.

In addition to the Lil Wayne-assisted single “ICE,” the Destiny’s Child diva’s fourth solo album is expected to feature contributions from Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Rico Love, Kevin Cossom, T-Minus, and Rock City.

“This album is one of my greatest pieces of work and I cannot wait to share it with you guys!” she previously told her fans.

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  1. james

    YESS Excited


  2. TYLER*

    Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!


  3. myke

    where is kelly rowlands edges? omg


    HeavyHeavy Reply:

    @myke, My guess..behind her ears lol


    Kalin Reply:

    @myke, Snatched by those lacefronts. RIP.


  4. williNalli




  5. Beyonce

    I see you, Kelly. I see you.


  6. Tasha32

    She such a beautiful woman! Cant wait to hear it but she should have been either performing “Ice” live somewhere or dropping another single to generate more buzz around her album release. We ALL know Beyonce will be dropping early next year along w/her highly anticipated Super Bowl performance. I DONT want to hear ANYONE saying Bey is stealing Kelly’s shine because you KNOW we will hear it like ALWAYS. But Kelly has had ALL YEAR to do her thing so……..Anticipating both ladies new material nonetheless~


    BeyHive2013 Reply:

    @Tasha32, @Tasha32,yes, so true! All of the Kelly stans will say Bey is trying to shine on her parade, but like you said Kelly had all year & usually when you release the first single “Ice” the follow up single should be ready, but where is it???????? Then when Bey comes out, the haters will hate because her promo is nonstop!


    sweetdiva Reply:

    @Tasha32, U know her label is waiting to see when Bey will announce her album date. They don’t want her to compete with her on the charts. They are eyeing a release date that can get Kelly a #1 R&B album Kelly or her team isn’t worried about Beyonce as long as it doesn’t drop the same week of Bey’s album she will be fine.


    TakeTheseFactsB*tch Reply:

    @sweetdiva, @Tasha32, What I don’t understand is why can’t BOTH ladies just be successful?

    People constantly make stuff out of a competition 24/7.

    Rather Beyonce outsells Kelly or not, shouldn’t even matter, because at the end of the day i’m pretty sure they BOTH are rooting for each other.

    Just enjoy the music, that’s all it’s about anyway.


    Asa Reply:

    @TakeTheseFactsB*tch, it does matter though. Lack of sales means potential of being dropped. Which could lead to struggling to release new material.

    Which means less music.

    Hard to enjoy music, when there is none because people could only buy one album and bought the more high profile artist’s release instead.


    BABY T Reply:


    Yep, her label are waiting to see when Beyonce will be releasing her album but Kelly knows Beyonce took a break this year for Blue Ivy.


  7. Warren

    no official release date yet?

    what are they waiting?


  8. BayBay

    YES KELLY!!!!


  9. celebfanboy10

    YESSS!!! I’m too excited! That means the 2nd single should be coming SOON! I hope its more stage/tv friendly because although I really loved ICE, that song was a little too sexy to perform on any major tv or award shows & I think thats why we didn’t see any live performances of it. The plus side is that ICE did fairly well on the charts & radio with no promo or performances so imagine the success the 2nd single will have if its promoted & can be performed on tv! #YearOfTheWoman


    amina Reply:

    @celebfanboy10, i agree i always think ice was too sexy for tv.

    i hope she have a good second single with very good promo.

    go go go kelly.

    # year of the woman


  10. Proud OF Soidloah boy

    The Fans Can’t Wait & their is more excited to hear from Her Kendrelle Kelly Rowland. Good for her


  11. BABY T

    She had all of 2012 to release the album. What is she waiting for? A promo appearance at next year’s Super Bowl halftime show? Her fans better pray her album isn’t released the same month as Beyonce’s or one month after Beyonce’s because we all know what happened to Here I Am. And Kelly’s fans blamed Beyonce!

    4 – debuted at #1, sold 310k in its first week
    Here I Am – debuted at #3, sold 77k in its first week #FLOP


    Kellyrowldawgs Reply:

    @BABY T, sweety we did not blame bey for nothing get facts correct and stay off Wikipedia no one is scared of who you call the “Queen” #Getyolife


    Victoria Reply:

    @Kellyrowldawgs, Yes you are.


  12. Kellyrowldawgs

    #YearOfKelly stunting on you hoes Wea you at!


  13. HOVorJefe

    I’m only here for that picture of CeCe Frey in the back.



    KElly i’m rooting for you but why are you releasing during a Beyonce comeback??? Good luck girl.LOL!


  15. BeyonceFan

    Beyonce will have Pepsi to sponsor her tour and all promo for her single and album. Beyonce will crush not only Kelly but everyone except Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Lady Gaga.


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